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The prestigious and modern Chungnam National University Hospital (충남대학교병원) in Sejong City
The prestigious and modern Chungnam National University Hospital (충남대학교병원) in Sejong City
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Established in 1972, Chungnam National University Hospital has always been a place of trust from many customers with a team of talented doctors and advanced technology.

Chungnam National University Hospital (CNUH), which opened its doors in 1972 as the first training hospital in Korea's central region, has made extraordinary progress and has seen incredible growth and development throughout the years. At CNUH, we've been working hard to improve our healthcare services by incorporating cutting-edge technology and employing world-class medical specialists.

Since 1995, CNUH has established specialized centers, installed cutting-edge medical equipment, and was named Daejeon's sole top-tier general hospital (tertiary medical institution) for three years in a row. The Sejong Chungnam University Hospital, which is scheduled to open in 2019, is dedicated to achieving ongoing growth as a hospital equipped with a world-class healthcare system and an optimal healing environment.

The hospital has been trying to incorporate the newest healthcare technology, ideas, and principles, as well as innovative business management tools, in order to swiftly react to the ever-changing healthcare environment. Furthermore, they have been strengthening their patient services and providing a nice hospital atmosphere to guarantee that all CNUH patients feel comfortable and convenient at the hospital.

CNUH claims to attempt to do its best to meet the current demands for healthcare reform, fulfill the fundamental mission as a national university hospital, and emerge as a hospital that local residents trust, with the goal of becoming known as a "competitive hospital," "patient-oriented hospital," and "specialized hospital." To that aim, CNUH aims to pursue business management rationalization, specialized healthcare services, intensive education, training, and research, as well as ensuring patients' safety under its care.

Chungnam National University Hospital by Daejeon Medical Tourism (djmeditour)

With the core values of Customer Empathy, New innovation, Ubiquitous, Harmony, and Professional, Chungnam National University Hospital commits to promoting public health and happiness by providing healthcare, education, research, and public health medical treatment of the finest quality, based on the principle of people-oriented medical treatment and respect for life. CNUH also offers airport pickup services for foreigners traveling from abroad to receive their services, as well as interpretation services during health screening and treatment at our hospital that are available in English and Chinese. The hospital also provides lots of amenities that sell baked goods, coffee, Korean food, Japanese food, Chinese food, where customers can spend their time conveniently.

Chungnam National University Hospital (충남대학교병원)

  • Address: 282 Munhwa-ro, Daesa-dong, Jung-gu, Daejeon (24h open)
  • Tel: +82-1599-7123
  • Website: (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Mongolian)

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