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The Number 1 Kimchi Sommelier, Madame Yang Hyang-Ja (양향자) of the Korean Wave
The Number 1 Kimchi Sommelier, Madame Yang Hyang-Ja (양향자) of the Korean Wave
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In the Hallyu and K-food craze, there is a culinary researcher called “Kimchi Sommelier No. 1", Madame Yang Hyang-Ja!

Korean traditional food is receiving attention from people around the world as a healthy food according to the Korean wave and well-being trend. K-food has become a global favorite along with the 7.5 million Korean immigrants living in various parts of the world, capturing the taste of 17 million foreign tourists every year. Ms. Yang Hyang-ja has been cooking Korean food with love and passion for the spread of Korean food culture throughout her life, and has appeared in various media, lectures, and writing at universities. She also founded the WTCO (World Top Chefs Organization), contributing to global peace by exchanging food culture with world-class chefs.

K-Kimchi, a food that soothes the soul, is captivating the taste buds of global citizens through the Hallyu craze. UNESCO has designated Korea's kimchi-making culture as an intangible cultural heritage of mankind. In particular, kimchi is known as amazing food to strengthen immunity in the era of Corona 19. This is because kimchi is rich in lactic acid bacteria that have antioxidant and antibacterial effects on the human body and strengthen immunity. Each gram of kimchi broth contains 1 billion lactic acid bacteria. The Harvard University School of Public Health also recognized the efficacy and excellence of kimchi. Korea's kimchi, Greek yogurt, and Japanese natto were introduced as the world's top three immune-boosting foods.

The 'Kimchi Sommelier' system was carefully pioneered by Ms. Yang Hyang-Ja in order to make kimchi, the pronoun of K-food, into a food culture enjoyed by people around the world. In 2005, Madame Yang decided that it was necessary to manage the safety of kimchi as a food and to foster professional manpower. So she implemented an education and certification system for kimchi (Korea Vocational Competency Development Institute). In the meantime, about 500 people in China, Russia, Vietnam, and Japan, as well as in Korea, have completed kimchi sommelier expert training and obtained certificates.

Yang Hyang-Ja is also a culinary expert and is working as “No. 1 Kimchi Sommelier”. A kimchi sommelier must identify about 350 different types of kimchi and understand its history, knowledge, and value. She is also an expert in the overall evaluation of kimchi, from storage, management, sensory evaluation, and nutrition. Madame Yang Hyang-Ja said, "I will play a role of a kimchi evangelist to spread the value and excellence of kimchi to all parts of the world. Through nurturing kimchi sommeliers, we will make kimchi a healthy and stylish food culture with people around the world."

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