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President Hwang Hwa-Yeon of The Daejeon Music Association (대전음악협회) Expects A Revival of Music in The Post-Corona Era
President Hwang Hwa-Yeon of The Daejeon Music Association (대전음악협회) Expects A Revival of Music in The Post-Corona Era
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Daejeon Metropolitan City Branch of the Korea Music Association (abbreviated as Daejeon Music Association) held a regular general meeting at the Jung-gu Cultural Center in Daejeon on December 23, 2021, and appointed Hwang Hwa-Yeon (황화연) as the next president.

Hwang Hwa-Yeon, the 12th president of the Daejeon Music Association (대전음악협회), has served as the general secretary, secretary-general, and director for 30 years. Chairman Hwang, as the representative of Daejeon Art Planning, has also published the cultural and art magazine 'Classical' for 18 years. He has greatly contributed to the development of the Daejeon music scene through high-quality classical music planning and artistic management, such as the Daejeon International Music Festival and the Baroque Music Festival.

Mr. Hwang Hwa-Yeon, President of Daejeon Music Association

Chairman Hwang said, “I am grateful for the hard work of senior and junior musicians who have dedicated and volunteered to make today’s brilliant Daejeon music despite the harsh environment, and represent the voices of the Daejeon music scene facing difficulties due to the spread of COVID-19 and perform performances of Daejeon musicians. We will continue to work hard to become an association that strives for support and improvement of welfare treatment.”

Monthly Culture & Arts Magazine 'Classical'

Daejeon Music Association, founded in 1953, has led the Daejeon music scene for over 70 years. Currently, due to the spread of Corona 19, the welfare and creative activities of local musicians are experiencing a great crisis. Even so, the DMAK is still with the artists, trying their best to still be able to perform artistic activities, conveying music to everyone. Upcoming on March 13, DMAK will hold the "Hanbat New Artist Concert" with the participation of new classical music artists.

Let's look forward to it and support these young and talented musicians!

For more inquiries, please visit Daejeon Music Association's website:

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