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Sejong City (세종시) introducing the country's fisrt double-decker city tour buses
Sejong City (세종시) introducing the country's fisrt double-decker city tour buses
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On April 22nd, Sejong City will launch its double-decker buses that combine tourism information and city tour functions for the first time in the country.

The Sejong City Tour double-decker bus with a tourist information function travels around the tourist spots of Sejong Special Self-Governing City (Mayor Lee Chun-hee).

On the 24th, the city introduced the Sejong City Tour double-decker bus and held an opening ceremony in the plaza in front of City Hall to revitalize Sejong city tourism.

The opening ceremony was attended by about 50 people, including Sejong City Mayor Lee Chun-hee, city council chairman Lee Tae-hwan, city officials, citizens, and journalists.

The double-decker bus, which will run through tourist attractions in Sejong City, was introduced to provide convenience in moving between tourist attractions in the city center, which is difficult to move by public transportation and to efficiently operate the insufficient tourist information center.

Full view of the double-decker bus

It is a 4m-high open-roof bus, and the exterior design was made for a child-friendly city by using drawings of children of kindergarten in Chungnyeong Daycare Center. am.

On the first floor, there is an information zone that provides tourist information, as well as virtual reality (VR) experience zone where you can experience tourist attractions in Sejong City such as Sejong Lake Park and Bear Tree Park in virtual reality. It is equipped with a function that provides a picture while taking a picture with a landmark in the background.

Seats on the 2nd floor

On the second floor, the roof can be opened and closed so that you can enjoy sightseeing spots and the city center more vividly, and there are a total of 36 seats.

Because tourist information and city tours are possible, it is planned to perform the function of a mobile tourist information center 3 days a week and a city tour function 2 days a week.

Tourist information on the 1st floor

The event attendees boarded the double-decker bus and had a test ride passing Geumnam Bridge - Central Park - Haetmuri Bridge for about 30 minutes.

From this month to April 21, the city plans to hold a pilot operation period for double-decker buses, such as operating tourist information centers at Geumgang Pedestrian Bridge and Lake Park, and experiential education for students.

VR Zone on the 1st floor

After the opening of the city tour, the double-decker bus will pass through major tourist facilities such as Sejong Lake Park, Presidential Archives, City Symbol Plaza, Sejong Arboretum, Geumgang Pedestrian Bridge, the rooftop garden of government buildings, and Sejong Arts Center.

Prior to the paid operation, the city is currently revising the ordinance for setting the usage fee and plans to operate it for the general public from April 22 after a pilot operation until the ordinance is promulgated.

Sejong Lake Park (Photo by Sejong City)
Sejong Lake Park (Photo by Sejong City)

Mayor Lee Chun-hee said, “To revitalize downtown Sejong city tourism, we have introduced the nation’s first double-decker bus that combines tourist information and city tour functions. We plan to make it available to people.”

For more information, visit the Sejong City website here, or contact the City Tourism and Cultural Heritage Division (☎044-300-5811·5813).

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