The Beauty of 'Glitches' through Pencil Art by Artist Kim Wonjin (김원진)
The Beauty of 'Glitches' through Pencil Art by Artist Kim Wonjin (김원진)
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The impressive artworks of glitches under artist Kim Youngjin's pencil tips are currently on display at Artist Residency TEMI's '2022 PREVIEW' exhibition sponsored by Daejeon Culture & Arts Foundation (대전문화재단).

The '2022 PREVIEW' exhibition, held in celebration of Artist Residency TEMI's 9th anniversary from March 31 to April 17, has recently been showcasing many spectacular artworks by six talented resident artists, and one of them is artist Kim Wonjin.

Artist Kim Wonjin (김원진)

Kim WonJin compares incomplete and distorted records to memories, saying that every moment is made of an incomplete chronicle. To experience means a reading process, and to remember means an act of reading it anew. In this sense, sentences written by others indicate the process of encountering their memories, and published records are likened to collective memories.

The Land of the Glitches (오류지대) 11082019, Colored Pencil, Pencil, Pen on Paper, Collage (종이 위에 색연필, 연필, 펜, 꼴라쥬), 130×220cm, 2019

The artist came across a screen where a glitch (an unexpected outcome due to minor noise caused by a temporary malfunction or crash) occurred, erasing some of the images and turning the spots into primary colors in the process of restoring data after a computer breakdown. 'The Land of the Glitches', born out of this experience, is a work composed of collected records.

The intention was to represent in space the fact that, although collective memories are cut out according to social conditions that also affect personal memories, we in the time see them as beings that perceive from the outside. In the exhibition room, there are also drawings based on heaps of published books and the artist’s acts of writing down and erasing her petty thoughts. Records that have been cut out and resemble segmented dots look like an error encountered on the computer screen.

The artist states that the error does not deviate much from the defined category and is a highly natural phenomenon caused by minor differences, and shows that the scenes of past history and the contemporary age, made of events surrounding us, are aspects that consist of errors.

For more information about artist Kim Wonjin and the '2022 PREVIEW' exhibition, visit: or artist Kim Wonjin's homepage

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