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Outstanding Artworks of Lee Hyojoo (이효주) Draw International Attention at the 138th Independents Exhibition in France
Outstanding Artworks of Lee Hyojoo (이효주) Draw International Attention at the 138th Independents Exhibition in France
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The impressive work of Lee Hyojoo, ‘Self-cognition on Christmas’ has drawn the attention of internationals in the 138th Independents Exhibition in France on February 24.

Not long ago, on February 24, 2022, the 138th Independents Exhibition was held in France at the Grand Palais in Paris, France, despite the Corona crisis. It is the pride of France's art culture, and despite World War II, the Angdepangdang was held, and it is an international art event supported by the French government every year. With the active support of the International Andre Malo Association, it is said that the local response was hot to the news of Korean artists' participation in the world art market's No. 1.

As such, the high level of workmanship of Korean art and the globalization of K-Art drew the attention of foreigners as well. Among them, Lee Hyojoo's work (Self cogitation on Christmas), as a young artist, was awarded the prix est attribue a Artiste. Writer Lee Hyojoo is currently the copyright holder of ADAGP Global. The artist is also a registered artist in the Artfabetis world biography and is also active as a Korean art and media artist.

The artist graduated from the Department of Art and Design at Kyunghee University and is currently majoring in exhibition planning and design. He has been a member of PIAM Korea and AIAM France and has won numerous awards in reputation art associations, such as Korean Artists Association and Korea HMA Academic Subcommittee, and also precious prize awards, like The 25th Master Grand Tokyo Gold Award or The 52nd International Shinwon Silver Award. The winning career at various international art festivals, such as the 138th France Independents Best Award, stands out. The selected work this time is one among his media works of “Sense and Sensibility”, and Lee Hyojoo explained his work as follows.

The sea creatures in his work represent the human brain. The brain contains all the thoughts and actions of a human being, and it means the person itself. Our minds and memories have the same nature as the deep sea. Through the way these brains look at each other, they are talking about looking at themselves as someone other than oneself, rather than simply looking through themselves. When you see yourself from the point of view of others, you can see yourself to the fullest.

Lee Hyojoo, the artist, explained, “It expresses how the brain reacts to the complex mind of the human being and explains that it is a work that expresses the brain that remembers various events in our lives in various colors.” We do not turn away from the various memories, but if we have the courage to go deep inside with light, we will face the self that we did not know. Through this, the artist says that it can be the starting point of knowing yourself and becoming a solid you and that it can be the starting point of moving toward the light rather than darkness.

Lee Hyojoo presents human memory and life through imagination, images, and exploration of the artist's inner self, and attempts to approach it through various experiences of contemporary art. Although he is still young, he wants to see the light of the world through his works by expressing himself as an artist as he goes through the life of an individual artist through works that reflect his experiences. Attention is drawn to the art world of Lee Hyojoo, who pioneered his own art world by exploring various genres such as exhibition planning, video media, design, and installation artworks.

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