MON, MAY 23, 2022
Join the Regular Exhibition of The Daejeon Arts Collective (대전국제미술가 모임) with us!
Join the Regular Exhibition of The Daejeon Arts Collective (대전국제미술가 모임) with us!
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The spring 2022 regular exhibition of Daejeon Arts Collective, a gathering of international artists centered on foreign artists, has been held since April 15 at the Igong Gallery (located in Jung-gu, Daejeon).

In this exhibition, held in the absence of Exhibit 10.5, 13 artists from the United States, Canada, India, and Korea are exhibiting works such as paintings, photos, and ceramics.

Adam Parsons, who has been participating in the exhibition since 2014, said that he is exhibiting in the exhibition with a camera that can capture the lives and emotions of ordinary people.

Rosalie Osborn Knaack, a founding member and representative of the group, said that the DJAC exhibition provides an opportunity for everyone to express themselves through art and that she and other participants share their ideas through the exhibition. .

The Daejeon International Artists Association was formed in 2011 and usually has around 20 members, and about 50 members have participated in the exhibition.

It has been holding regular exhibitions twice a year for the 11th year this year, and each member contributes to the art and cultural diversity of the region by conducting various activities such as individual exhibitions as well as local residency projects.

In addition, as a model for the foreign community centered on foreigners, we are working with Korean artists as well as communicating with local artists.

For more information, visit:

IGONG Gallery - 이공갤러리

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