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Daejeon Shinsegae Art & Science (대전신세계) - The Art Space 193 will hold artist Yeom Seok-In’s 'Tetris Life' in the highest place of Daejeon!
Daejeon Shinsegae Art & Science (대전신세계) - The Art Space 193 will hold artist Yeom Seok-In’s 'Tetris Life' in the highest place of Daejeon!
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Daejeon Shinsegae Art&Science's distinctive observatory, 'The Art Space 193', will hold a solo exhibition, 'Tetris Life', by the Daejeon-based artist Yeom Seok-in.


'The Art Space 193', located from the 40th floor of the Shinsegae Expo Tower to the 42nd floor, which is the highest floor, commemorates the 1993 Daejeon Expo and has established itself as a new landmark in Daejeon with a name that symbolizes the height of the building (193m).

Artist Yeom Seok-In

From the observatory on the 40th floor, you can see the scenery of Daejeon near Daejeon Shinsegae at a glance. Dunsan Grand Park and the Daejeon Government Complex and Daejeon City Hall to the south, and Daedeok Special R&D Zone and Yuseong City to the west. On the 42nd floor, works by world-famous artist Olafur Eliasson. Olafur Eliasson from Denmark, who has changed the environment in which the works are placed, has collaborated since the construction of the Expo Tower to transform the entire 42nd-floor space into one gigantic work of art called ‘Living Observatory’.

Tetris Mingo, stainless steel, urethane paint, 가변설치, 2022

'The Art Space 193' has been collaborating with artists on the 40th floor in order to take advantage of the characteristic of an observatory with art. In January, during the new year's renewal opening, BTS' V installed sculptures by Kim Woo-jin, a famous local artist, and drew favorable reviews. The artist's solo exhibition, Tetris Life, will be held.

Tetris Monkey, stainless steel, urethane paint, 가변설치, 2021

Artist Yeom Seok-in, who has been active in the Daejeon area, has been well-received for the theme of creating shapes of animals and people and accumulating memories with the pieces built up of 'Tetro Mingo', the basic pieces of the 'Tetris' game. 'Tetro Mingo', the basic unit of Tetris, which has been established as the most successful video game since its release in 1984, and friendly modeling in the form of animals caught people's attention, and the pieces of Tetris that do not stack up and disappear are gradually disappearing.

꽃을 들고(Holding a Flower), stainless steel, urethane paint, 가변설치, 2021

The concept of similarity to memory gained wide consensus. While ‘Holding a Flower’ and ‘Tetris Puppy’ in the form of people and dogs talk about everyday memories, ‘Tetris Monkey’ in the form of a monkey tells the story of the childhood of the artist and his friends in the zodiac sign of the monkey, and 'Tetris Mingo' in the form of a flamingo, is a work that expresses the regret of not being able to go to the cherry blossom viewing due to COVID-19 with a flamingo that is bright pink like a flower. These works have been installed in art galleries and open spaces such as Seoul Hangang Park and have been loved by many.

Tetris Puppy, stainless steel, urethane paint, 가변설치, 2021

'Tetris Life' is an exhibition that compiles Tetris sculptures by the artist Yeom Seok-in. Existing masterpieces such as ‘Holding Flowers’, ‘Tetris Puppy’, ‘Tetris Monkey’, and ‘Tetris Mingo’, as well as new works of audience participation type that many visitors to the observatory can directly intervene and enjoy, will be produced and presented.

기억의 의자, stainless steel, urethane paint, mixed media, 가변설치, 2022

The tetromino-shaped chair 'Chair of Memory' is a comfortable resting space and a work that allows the viewer to leave memories as physical traces in the exhibition space by moving them using wheels. 'Magnet Tetris' using magnets is a work that anyone of any age or gender can easily move, attach, and enjoy tetromino pieces.

Magnet Tetris, magnet, stainless steel, urethane paint, 가변설치, 2021

The Art Space 193 strengthens its character as an art and cultural space through Kim Woo-jin's observation deck space production followed by Yeom Seok-in's solo exhibition. It will continue its efforts to fulfill its role as a tourist attraction that provides an opportunity to showcase the world along with the scenery of Daejeon. The exhibition runs until mid-July.

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