MON, MAY 23, 2022
Meet Kevin Nickolai, a Daejeon puzzler and artist with one-of-a-kind energy!
Meet Kevin Nickolai, a Daejeon puzzler and artist with one-of-a-kind energy!
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Kevin Nickolai, a puzzler, an artist, a teacher, and a father, currently lives in Daejeon City. He has impressed us with his passionate energy and relatable back stories.
Let's find out about him and his works!

You'll know Kevin Nickolai when you see him. Just look at this beast. He's got that crazy energetic vibe that emanates off his body like the halo of a holy man. Nickolai comes sauntering into the IGONG gallery decked out in bright red shoes, a pink baseball cap, a brilliant yellow tee, and a Tetris blazer that is lighting the whole neighborhood up with joy and ecstasy. 

Kevin Nickolai playing a game with Beatrice Nickolai

Who is this groovy cat? He's not just eye-candy for the ladies. Kevin Nickolai is a Daejeon puzzler and artist who teaches drama and English at Woosong University. Nickolai does an encrypted crosswords series for The Korea Times and is the illustrator for Ralph Wright's "Wild" poetry books. At The Daejeon Arts Collective's "Exhibit 10.5" Nickolai debuted the prototype of a new board game called "Blitzograms" and displayed copies of his autobiographical graphic novella "Loser Back Home".

The Blitzograms board game by Kevin Nickolai

Blitzograms is a quirky board game in which players must complete a word scavenger hunt. The game combines elements of Boggle, Yahtzee, and Risk. At the gallery, random people sit down to check out the game and have a try at their luck with the board. The board hypnotizes you into playing along as a spectator trying to find all the possible word combinations. A few interested parties purchase the puzzle right off the wall at the exhibit.

Nickolai was also hawking his book, "Loser Back Home". In this weirdly captivating comic, Kevin Nickolai ekes onward through a snowy frozen Daejeon landscape as he conducts his Drama Class over another final week of coronavirus Zoom sessions. As the temperatures drop to an all-time low, the protagonist examines the darkness in his soul and looks back on his life in an equally cold and snowy Chicago trying to survive job-to-job in America. Is he just another loser back home? Loser Back Home looks back on the year that wasn't and asks what was, what is, and what will be. Nickolai is hoping to land a major publisher and is in talks with Hollywood (his pet cat) about a feature film.


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