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Daejeon City, The City of Medical Tourism: From beautiful nature to cutting-edge technologies
Daejeon City, The City of Medical Tourism: From beautiful nature to cutting-edge technologies
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Daejeon is not just about the breathtaking view of scenic nature. With the combination of developed medical infrastructure and cutting-edge science, it is also the leading city in biomedical!

Many medical & bioresearch institutions put down their roots in Daedeok Research Complex. The quality of the medical services is proved by the excellent results in the medical area including the existence of 30 government-invested research institutions, more than 20,000 researchers holding Ph.D. or higher, approx. 60,000 domestic patents as well as about 7,000 international patents. Furthermore, eight general hospitals, about 2,000 medical centers, and 9,000 medical teams wait for you in Daejeon to provide excellent medical services with only 70-80% of the cost compared to Seoul.

See the modern medical technique of reconstructing bone using a 3D printer, the 3D FACE Implant: 

Daejeon is the City of Medical Tourism - A new Mecca of Medical Tourism, the collaboration of infrastructure and science. It is the city of sufficient medical resources (8 general hospitals / approx. 2,000 medical centers/ approx. 9,000 medical teams). Daejeon is the best place for reasonable medical services: rapid treatment, efficient period decision, affordable treatment cost. The city is also popular for medical science (center of science, Daedeok R&D Complex, the combination of cutting-edge technologies with the medical field). Moreover, with many famous destinations like Yuseong Spring, Gyejoksan Hwangtogil Trail, Hanbat Arboretum, and Daecheong Lake Trail, it is certain to call Daejeon the city of health and wellness.

Being designated as a special biomedical regulatory area, we are proud to name Daejeon as the leading biomedical city. With an excellent medical environment, Daejeon is a city of medical facilities ranging from general hospitals, oriental medicine clinics, dentistry, ophthalmology, to plastic surgery, dermatology & cosmetics. We are proud of prestigious hospitals for many years with a team of first-class doctors who come from top universities and are professionally trained such as Daejeon Sun Medical Center, Yuseong Sun Hospital, Eulji University Hospital, Konyang University Hospital, and many more.

Daejeon Metropolitan City and Daejeon Tourism Organization also develop the mobile application MODOC, made especially for foreigners to make it easier to find hospitals. MODOC is a convenient and easy-to-use medical treatment guide app that you can easily find on your smartphones. It allows you to find and make reservations at hospitals remotely from your phones. MODOC promises to become your mobile doctor, and you no longer have to run around town in search of a hospital anymore!

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