MON, MAY 23, 2022
Daejeon Cultural Foundation (대전문화재단) will be hosting a feast of jazz resounding at the Daejeon Artist House!
Daejeon Cultural Foundation (대전문화재단) will be hosting a feast of jazz resounding at the Daejeon Artist House!
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From 5.27 to 6.4, Daejeon Cultural Foundation will be hosting The 2022 Daejeon Jazz Relay Concert - 'Cool Jam' at the Daejeon Artist House with the presence of many jazz artists.

The 2022 Daejeon Jazz Relay Concert - ‘Cool Jam’ hosted by the Daejeon Cultural Foundation (CEO Shim Gyu-Ik) will be held from May 27 (Fri) to June 4 (Sat) at Nuri Hall at the Daejeon Artist House. This performance will be held for a total of 5 days: ▲ 5. 27 (Fri) 19:30 Kim Se-young's Jazz Cinema ▲ 5. 28 (Sat) 15:00 Yang Wang-Yeol Quartet ▲ 6. 2. (Thu) 19:30, 6.3 (Fri) 19:30 JSFA ▲ 6. 4 (Sat) 15:00 Lee Hanjin Band.

Kim Se-young's Jazz Cinema is a team composed of Kim Se-young, who is solidifying her position as a diverse jazz pianist, and will reinterpret and present familiar film music. 

Yang Wang-Yeol Quartet is a representative jazz performance team in Daejeon and plans to create a differentiated sound by combining jazz elements with popular songs such as classical music and pop as well as standard jazz. 

JSFA is a team that is engaged in various domestic and overseas activities such as the Jarasum International Jazz Festival, EBS Space Gonggam, and Hi Seoul Festival. 

Lee Hanjin Band is made up of Hanjin Lee, who is called the magician of the jazz trombone, and the soft yet powerful performance of the jazz trombone, which is rare in Korea, will make you feel emotional and funky.

An official from the foundation said, "This is a face-to-face self-planned performance that has been around for a long time. Through this Cool Jam concert, we offer comfort to citizens who are tired of the Coronavirus, and we look forward to transforming it into a 'cool jam' city where jazz music flows rather than a 'no jam' city Daejeon."

The Daejeon Cultural Foundation was selected for the ‘2022 Cultural Empathy with the Arts and Culture Center’ ('2022 문예회관과 함께하는 방방곡곡 문화공감’) by the Korea Culture and Arts Center Association.

This performance is free entrance, and applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. For detailed performance details and reservation methods, please visit the Daejeon Cultural Foundation website ( For inquiries, please contact the Space Management Team (042-480-1087) for guidance.

Daejeon Artist House - 대전예술가의집

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