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One Entertainment CEO Won Jeong-Mi supports Ukraine with proceeds from Stella Kids & Junior Model Contest
One Entertainment CEO Won Jeong-Mi supports Ukraine with proceeds from Stella Kids & Junior Model Contest
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In 2012, One Entertainment CEO, Madame Won Jeong-Mi, has managed over 2000 children in K-pop dance, vocals, idol groups, acting, and modeling education.

CEO Won Jeong-Mi has appeared in KTV public service commercials, JTBC dramas, KBS remarkable dramas, MBC dramas, and various movies. She formed a kids idol group, released music for her 2nd single album, and actively performed on stage. She wrote lyrics for children during the songwriting process and even registered the copyright as a lyricist. She also released a song with the singer "Soobin".

CEO Won Jeong-Mi, an entertainment representative and director of the Arts Academy, guides and manages children who dream of becoming entertainers and helps them to become active.

She held the Kids Luxury Global Audition Competition and successfully held the National Kids Model Competition at the 1st Daecheong Lake Cherry Blossom Festival.

The Stella Kids & Junior Model Contest is being prepared under the auspices of "Sports Seoul" and "BBQ Chicken," which is the best news in Korea for 38 years in July 2022. Proceeds from the competition will be used to help Ukrainian children who were devastated by the war, destroyed schools, lost educational opportunities, and were severely hurt. The idea is that the world is one. Just as 16 foreign countries participated in the Korean War, and the Republic of Korea received great help and felt brotherly love, they think people should give dreams and hopes to Ukrainian children and teenagers who are struggling.

Madame Won Jeong-mi, who has been at the forefront of helping neighbors in need since childhood, finds it rewarding to manage children from single-parent families in Daejeon Metropolitan City for free or for a small amount of money. Together with her volunteer group, she volunteered at dawn briquettes and accompanied the trainees on pilgrimages for veterans of the Patriots and Veterans' War. She was also awarded the “Excellent Organization for Love of Country” certification by the Veterans Affairs Office, the Office of Education, and a volunteer experience classroom designation. 

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