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Daejeon Filmmakers Association Shows Family Movie "Piggy Back" (어부바) in May
Daejeon Filmmakers Association Shows Family Movie "Piggy Back" (어부바) in May
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Daejeon Filmmakers Association successfully completed the Love Sharing Movie Walk in May with about 170 people, including local children's centers, people with disabilities, and the Daejeon branch of the Legal Protection and Welfare Service, attending the event.

Daejeon Metropolitan Branch (Chairman Sung Nak-Won) of the Federation of Korean Filmmakers announced that they held a Love Sharing Movie Walk with GN Korea at 7 p.m. on May 19th on the 6th floor of Megabox Daejeon Jungang-ro branch.

Sung Nak-Won (성낙원), President of the Daejeon Film Association

The event ended with a total of 170 people attending, including 128 children from the Daejeon Metropolitan Council of the National Regional Children's Center Council, 24 persons subject to protection from the Daejeon branch of the Korea Legal Aid Corporation, 7 members of Daejeon DPI of the Korea Federation for the Disabled, and 10 sponsors of the event.

"Love Sharing Movie Walk" directed by Choi Jong-Hak on May 2022 will project the family movie "Piggy Back" (107 minutes screening time), starring Jung Joon-Ho, Choi Dae-Chul, and Lee El-Bin.

The lucky draw, an event before watching the movie, gave a generous gift of luck to 58 people and had a fun and exciting time sharing gratitude and love.

Park Moon-Soo, Chairman of the local children's center, said, "We are children who do not have many opportunities to go out to the movie theater due to COVID-19, and it was a meaningful and happy time to be with our friends and receive generous gifts."

Kim Dae-Ki, head of the Daejeon branch of the Korea Legal Aid Corporation, also thanked the filmmakers for preparing for the event, saying, "It helped foster healthy emotions by supporting cultural enjoyment through movie appreciation and preventing recidivism."

Chairman Sung Nak-Won said, "I invited children from local children's centers to celebrate Family Month in May, and I'm so happy to see them enjoying it," adding, "I hope they can heal through the movie and live a happy life."

The Daejeon Film Artists Association has been offering free movie screenings for young people through various methods such as “Free Movie Screenings for Couples” (부부초청 무료영화감상회), “Request Movie Playground for All Families” (모두가족 수요영화놀이터) and “Midsummer Night Movie Screenings for Citizens” (시민을 위한 한여름 밤 영화감상회) for over 10 years since the early 2000s. It has played an important role in building a harmonious family by creating a place of communication.

The 2022 Sharing Love Movie Walk is held on the evening of the third Thursday of every month. The purpose of the event is to create a healthy and beautiful community by providing citizens with opportunities to enjoy movies together. In addition, it allows families to have opportunities for dialogue and communication by sharing common interests through a common leisure experience, that is, watching a movie, and to deepen family connection by instilling respect and understanding for each other.

The "Love Sharing Movie Walk" in June 2022 will be held on Thursday, June 16. Individuals or groups wishing to watch can contact the Daejeon Film Artists Association.

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