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Daejeon Webtoon Campus (대전웹툰캠퍼스): The Best Webtoon in Korea
Daejeon Webtoon Campus (대전웹툰캠퍼스): The Best Webtoon in Korea
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Daejeon City announced on the 16th that Daejeon Webtoon Campus was selected as 'Nationwide No. 1' for the second consecutive year following last year in the '2021 Regional Webtoon Campus Operation Evaluation' jointly conducted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Comics Promotion Agency.

In this evaluation, Daejeon Webtoon Campus received high praise for the results of 4 new serializations and 6 serialization contracts achieved through various writer support projects last year. The fact that 23 writers have moved in and are actively working, including writer Duck-dam of 'Cry, Prince!' and writer Seolnamu of Kakao Page 'Salad Days' received good marks.

Daejeon Webtoon Campus opened on the 3rd floor of Daejeon Modern and Contemporary History Exhibition Hall (formerly Chungnam Provincial Office) by expanding the Cartoon Webtoon Creation Center in January 2019. The city and Daejeon Information Culture Industry Promotion Agency provide space for many artists to support their creative activities.

Various programs are also being operated, such as 'Basic Manga Class' for Daejeon citizens who are interested in webtoons and 'Evening with Comics', an online talk show with famous authors.

대전 웹툰캠퍼스 홈페이지 발췌
Excerpt from Daejeon Webtoon Campus website

From June to November of last year, works were exhibited at Temi-orae, a complex cultural and art space, and a photo zone was operated to attract more than 3,000 visitors.

In December of last year, the webtoon job fair was held in cooperation with Daejeon Contents Korea Lab. In the job fair, 15 universities across the country, including 3 regional universities, and 13 companies including Kakao Webtoon and Kidari Studio participated, providing 92 counseling sessions and 10 pitching opportunities to students who dream of becoming webtoon writers.

Daejeon Webtoon Campus will be moved to an urban industrial support platform built around Daejeon Station as part of the Jungang-ro project in April to provide a more stable and pleasant creative environment for writers.

Moon In-Hwan, head of the City's Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau, said, "Since webtoons are the root industry that forms the basis of various contents, we will continue to nurture Daejeon so that it can become a center."

Daejeon Webtoon Campus (데전웹툰캠퍼스)

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