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Halal Korea (할랄코리아) and World Food & Culture Center promote Halal Food in Korea
Halal Korea (할랄코리아) and World Food & Culture Center promote Halal Food in Korea
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Halal Korea and the WFCC have decided to develop Korean Halal food menus in Korea to attract more tourists from the Islamic culture.

Halal Korea is a company that strives for the development of the Korean halal industry. Since 2012, the halal certification system of government agencies and OIC national associations has been introduced in Korea, and support for Asian and Middle Eastern culture companies to enter the domestic market, halal certification, halal business consulting, halal marketing and market research are being carried out.

Kim Jinwoo, CEO of Halal Korea (left)

As one of Halal Korea’s main tasks, the ‘Muslim-Friendly Expert Training Course’ is a service education for tourism workers to build a Muslim-friendly environment in Korea and raise awareness of Halal-friendly tourism. Through this training course, we are trying to induce domestic businesses and the general public to understand and acquire the necessary knowledge about tourists in Islamic culture and to reduce prejudice and prejudice against Muslims.

In addition, we are building a ‘Digital Halal Tourism Service Environment’ where Muslim tourists visiting Korea can experience smart tourism through the ‘K-HALAL GUIDE APP’ mobile app.

Halal Korea and the World Food and Culture Center decided to promote a joint project after signing an MOU, including attracting tourists from the Islamic culture region by developing Korean Halal food menus and training halal chefs to advance into the Middle East and Arab regions at a Korean restaurant.

Halal Tour and Halal Korea CEO Jinwoo Kim believes that in order to attract 2 million Muslim tourists to Korea in 2023, halal meals, accommodation, and halal-friendly tourism services are necessary. Based on the experience of cultivating a Muslim tourism coordinator in 2017 hosted by the 2015 Halal Expo and conducting a project to improve the Muslim tourism environment in the Asia-Middle East in 2019 with Seoul City, from the second half of 2022, K-HALAL NAVI has been created and promoted to attract Muslim tourists to Korea.

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