SUN, JUNE 26, 2022
The 1st Jeonju Street Jazz Festival is coming to town!
The 1st Jeonju Street Jazz Festival is coming to town!
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Jeonju City will hold the first Jeonju Street Jazz Festival in Jeonju Hanok Village for three days from the 17th of June
New Orleans-born James Andrew Cricket City All-Star, BMK Im In-gun Band and other domestic and foreign musicians will be performing.
New Orleans' traditional parade, street performances and jazz bar performances will be offered to tourists!

Traditional jazz melodies, which can only be met in New Orleans, the home of jazz, will resonate in Jeonju, a Korean tourist hub city.

Jeonju will hold the 1st Jeonju Street Jazz Festival (JSJF) in various streets including Jeonju Hanok Village for three days from the 17th to the 19th.

The festival, which is held under the theme of ‘Jazz Travel’, was designed to showcase the authentic jazz of New Orleans, the United States, which has a friendly city with Jeonju, to tourists who rarely had the opportunity to watch a performance due to COVID-19. It will be held in various places according to the concept of a street festival.

The main performance will be held for three days at Omokdae Traditional Garden in Jeonju Hanok Village, where a special stage will be prepared, and there will also be mini-performances throughout the festival in front of Marudal Outdoor Courtyard and Daesa Seopcheong.

On the main stage on the 17th, the opening day, Lim In-gun Band, who is also the music director of the Jeonju Street Jazz Festival as the headliner of the performance, and Soul Mother BMK appeared on the main stage on the 17th. The performance goes on.

James Andrews comes from a famous jazz family in New Orleans, has a trombone Shorty as his younger brother, and is one of the first musicians to return home to rebuild and revive New Orleans, which was paralyzed by Hurricane Katrina.

On the 19th, the last day of the festival, the best big bands in Korea, Brasonit Big Band, and Lee Kun-hee Quintet, will perform.

During the event period, performances will continue at two mini-stages around Jeonju Hanok Village. The Marching Parade of the Eighth Army Jazz Band and Horn Tony set on the streets of the Hanok Village will decorate Jeonju Hanok Village with jazz, as well as performances by local musicians such as Kim Seong-su, Kim Joo-hwan, and Hwang Dae-Gwi. You can meet them on the main stage and mini stage.

In addition, the city plans to hold jazz performances in various parts of the city, including Nambu Market Youth Mall, Gaeknidan-gil, and Jeonbuk Innovation City to expand Jeonju tourism.

A jazz lecture by Kim Hyo-jin Jazz Dawson will be held at the Youth Mall in the southern market during the festival, and a photo zone will also be operated at the Youth Mall, which has been transformed into a country-viewing hall with a jazz atmosphere.

Under the theme of "Jazz Around," you can also enjoy performances at six places, including performances in Jeonju and jazz bars.

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