MON, AUGUST 08, 2022
Here come the bests of the Chungcheong region's specialties: "Let's meet them all at Daejeon Shinsegae (대전신세계)!"
Here come the bests of the Chungcheong region's specialties: "Let's meet them all at Daejeon Shinsegae (대전신세계)!"
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Daejeon Shinsegae Art & Science will hold ‘Our local food! Regional product exhibition’ from June 24-30. Find all the goods from representative local foods to processed goods at 10 to 30% lower prices!

Daejeon Shinsegae Art & Science, together with producers in the Chungcheong region, will introduce regional representative local food and various processed products from 6th industrial farmhouses.

Daejeon Shinsegae Art & Science (hereafter, Daejeon Shinsegae) will be held from the 24th to the 30th at the event hall on the first basement floor of the department store, 'Our local food! Regional Product Exhibition' will be held. At this event, you can enjoy local specialties such as watermelon, grapes, peaches, and other famous local fruits, as well as local specialties such as Hongseong Korean beef, Goesan waxy corn, and Gwangcheon laver. You can taste and purchase various processed products such as Byeongcheon Sundae, walnut cookies, and Gwangcheon Milk Gale on site.

Daejeon brand ‘MEDIPRESSO’, which developed a tea capsule compatible with coffee machines for the first time in Korea, and ‘Hyomorochan’, a representative side dish (banchan/반찬/飯饌) store in Daejeon, will also participate in this event. In particular, in this product exhibition, excellent products from the Chungcheong region are sold at 10-30% cheaper than the market price.

Daejeon Shinsegae plans to continuously introduce local products that are having difficulties in securing a market despite their excellent quality through collaboration with local producers.

An official from Daejeon Shinsegae Art&Sciece said, "This event is a meaningful event that provides a market for regional representative local products and excellent products from the 6th industrial farms, and provides excellent products to department store customers at an affordable price," adding, "We will do our best to grow together with the region as a local corporation through collaboration with the local government.”

Daejeon Shinsegae Art&Science - 신세계백화점 대전신세계아트앤사이언스

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