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Explore the city of Daejeon with Daejeon City Tour hosted by Living International (리빙인터내션널)!
Explore the city of Daejeon with Daejeon City Tour hosted by Living International (리빙인터내션널)!
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You wanna try traveling to Daejeon but have no idea where to start? No worries because you will definitely know after reading this! Keep scrolling to find out the course for you!

Daejeon is an exciting tourist destination that is emerging with all sorts of places to suit every type of traveler. It has everything from natural, historic sites to bustling entertainment. With the cooperation of Daejeon Metropolitan City and Living International, the following extremely diverse tours were born. Daejeon City Tour with various courses such as Theme City Tour, Non-contact Mission Tour, Experiential Tour, and Circular Tour, will take you to the most exciting and healing places of this beautiful city.

Hanbat Arboretum (하밭수목원), one of the destinations on the Daejeon City Tour

Now, let's explore the travel courses around Daejeon city of the 'Daejeon City Tour'! You will be amazed by the fun this lovely city has to offer us! :)

Theme City Tour - Tuesday Course: Eco Culture Daejeon (left), and Wednesday Course: Science Daejeon (right)
Theme City Tour - Thursday Course: Retro Daejeon (left) and Friday Course: Healing Daejeon (right)
Saturday Theme City Tour: Leisure Daejeon (left) and Saturday Non-contact Tour: Sensibility Daejeon (right)
Theme City Tour - Sunday Course: Experiential Daejeon (left) and Friday Tour: Night Traveling Daejeon (right)
Circular Tour: South Course (남부코스)
Circular Tour: Daecheongho Course (대청호코스)
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Have you found the perfect course for you this weekend? Go to to reserve your travel online now! 

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