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Sejong City's Mayor Choi Min-ho (최민호) took the bus to the inauguration ceremony
Sejong City's Mayor Choi Min-ho (최민호) took the bus to the inauguration ceremony
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Tranferring from the Sejong City Hall office to Central Park by BRT/city bus, Mayor of Sejong City Choi Min-ho demonstrates the will to promote transportation policies that respond to the needs of citizens.

With Choi Min-ho, Mayor of Sejong Special Self-Governing Province taking office on the 1st, it is attracting attention by moving to the inauguration ceremony and the 10th-anniversary commemorative event of Sejong City by public transportation.

Mayor Choi left the office to attend the inauguration ceremony after completing his schedule such as signing the handover letter and meeting guests after his first day of work this morning. He boarded the BRT Electric Refraction Bus B0 at the Sejong City Hall stop and moved to the express intercity bus terminal.

After transferring to the 205th bus, he got off at the main gate of the Arts High School and walked to the inauguration hall. Mayor Choi got on the bus while waiting for the bus with citizens without a specific dispatch, and moved to Jungang Park by greeting passengers at the bus stop.

Most of the passengers on the bus were going to participate in the 10th-anniversary commemorative event held on that day, and they also expressed their anticipation for the performance to be held at the commemorative event.

Some citizens directly asked Mayor Choi about the current city administration issues, and Mayor Choi also answered citizens' questions promptly and exchanged conversations without hesitation.

The reason that Mayor Choi chose to use public transportation to get to the inauguration ceremony instead of using an official car is his will to provide convenient transportation services to the citizens.

Simultaneously with the launch of the 4th municipal government, the city plans to review and promote various public transportation policies, such as ▲ free city bus fares ▲ introduction of wide-area express buses (M-BUS) ▲ low-floor buses/call taxis for the disabled.

Mayor Choi said, "In the future, we will closely review various transportation policies to revitalize the use of public transportation and guarantee the right of all citizens to move," adding, "We plan to focus on transportation policies that respond to citizens' demands."

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