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Haedeul Village Neighborhood Flea Market Created by the Sejong City Locals (세종시)
Haedeul Village Neighborhood Flea Market Created by the Sejong City Locals (세종시)
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Daepyeong-dong Residents' Self-Governing Council, Neighborhood Marketplace, and Residents' Participatory Performance!

The Daepyeong-dong Residents' Association (Chairman Ryu Gwang-Seok) of Sejong Special Self-Governing City held a 'Changha Haedeul Village Neighborhood Market' on the 2nd at Oullim Plaza on the 1st floor of the Daepyeong-dong Complex Community Center.

The event, hosted by the Daepyeong-dong Residents' Association, was well received with the participation of 500 residents, including Choi Min-ho, Mayor of Sejong Special Self-Governing Province.

The local market held on this day was meaningful in that the local market was held with the hands of the residents, as well as a flea market with resident participation, as well as experience activities such as talent donation, music performances, and balloon art.

In addition, the Daepyeong-dong local social security council made the event even more enriching by running welfare counseling and a campaign to take care of neighbors who are good to share.

Mayor Choi Min-ho of Sejong said, “I hope that the local market will be a place to save resources and practice sharing with the voluntary participation of residents.”

Ryu Gwang-Seok, chairman of the local residents' association, also shared, "I am grateful to the residents for directly participating in the concert and flea market, and I am happy to be able to finish the market successfully."

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