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Mayor Choi Min-ho (최민호) proposes 'Completion of the future strategic capital of Sejong'
Mayor Choi Min-ho (최민호) proposes 'Completion of the future strategic capital of Sejong'
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- On the 8th, President Yun Seok-Yeol and the first 8th provincial and provincial governors meeting held
- Mayor Choi Min-ho proposes “Sejong City as a test stage for the realization of national agenda”

Choi Min-ho, Mayor of Sejong Special Self-Governing Province, has gone beyond the administrative capital and has taken steps to realize a “real capital” as a future strategic city.

Mayor Choi held a “meeting with 17 provincial and provincial governors nationwide” at the Presidential Office in Yongsan, Seoul on the 8th in the presence of President Yoon Seok-Yeol, 17 provincial and provincial governors, the deputy prime minister of economy, the Minister of Public Administration and Security, and the head of the Office of Government Policy Coordination.

The meeting, which will be held for the first time since President Yoon Seok-yeol took office, celebrates the inauguration of the 8th municipal and provincial governors, and at the same time shares government policies such as the economic policy direction of the new government, promotion strategy for the local era, and the direction of regulatory innovation, and gives opinions on local issues with the participants.

President Yoon Seok-Yeol made a promise to 'Complete Korea's future strategic city and administrative capital, Sejong' at the time of his presidential nomination. He visited Sejong City and said, "I will make Sejong a 'real capital' by subtracting 'administration' from the administrative capital, making it the 'real capital'."

To support this, Mayor Choi Sejong is also designating the Daejeon-Sejong Free Economic Zone, implementing the education-free special zone system, establishing the heavy particle accelerator cancer treatment center, and discovering and promoting tasks in the fields of economy, education, medical care, and transportation in order to realize a real capital such as the Chungcheong area railway network.

At the meeting, Mayor Choi requested that Sejong City be actively used as a ‘test stage (test bed)’ for realizing Sejong City-related government tasks and at the same time, emphasized the need for a lot of interest and active support from the government.

He also suggested that the 2nd Central and Local Cooperation Meeting be held in Sejong, in order to usher in a new local era and lead an era of genuine regional-led balanced development.

Mayor Choi said, “To complete Sejong City as real capital, I think that it is possible to plan and implement a future strategy based on the spirit of creativity and challenge in various fields such as culture, art, economy, education, medical care, and welfare. As the only single-tiered self-governing body in the country, the city is requesting that it be actively used as a test bed (test bed) for government affairs and future innovation because of its rapid policy implementation and performance measurement.”

Mayor Choi continued, “We will make every effort to make Sejong the real capital and future strategic capital, as well as the center of government administration and future innovation.”

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