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Meet Global Import and Export Cooperative (글로벌수출협동조합) and Chairman Hyun Yung-taek (현영택)
Meet Global Import and Export Cooperative (글로벌수출협동조합) and Chairman Hyun Yung-taek (현영택)
  • By Park Won-Dong
  • 승인 2022.07.14 12:46
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Recently, WalkintoKorea has got the opportunity to meet the Global Import and Export Cooperative. We are pleased to introduce them to you!


Global Import & Export Cooperative was established on April 10, 2010, with the goal of increasing the profits of small business owners such as sole proprietors and cooperatives. They aim to maximize sales by pioneering overseas markets for high-quality products produced by domestic small business owners and to improve the profits of small business owners through cost reduction through joint purchases.

Currently, the organization is pursuing four major projects: export/import agency, management consulting for exporters, activities to discover products for export, and training export experts.

Export/import is a trade business. The goal is to export products made by domestic small business owners to the world and to support cost reduction through the joint import of raw materials. It is not easy to export products that do not have high brand value. However, with the 4th industrial revolution, products tailored to individual tastes rather than quantity are in the spotlight. Therefore, the organization plans to produce promotional videos in their native language with multicultural people and distribute them in their native countries. They plan on introducing high-quality domestic products that are not well known abroad and trying to create an ecosystem where overseas direct sales are made online.

Global Import & Export Cooperative also supports many small businesses as well. They propose promoting through various channels to increase sales and also provide consulting.

Even if the products that overseas buyers are looking for are not at the level of containers, purchase requests are coming in mainly from the products they are looking for. Therefore, they are looking for products to export from time to time. To this end, they are conducting various product discovery activities such as product exhibitions, business briefings, and video production through product manufacturing process inspections. They also call on businesses and individuals to come to them for product exports. The organization commits to determining the possibility of export and enthusiasts by creating a growing business model.

The association wants to train export management experts and export management supporters. Exports is the foundation of the Korean economy and it has a different system from domestic distribution. It is also closely connected with finance. This process also secures members and employees with great qualities, so we are paying great attention.

Through businesses that support the maximization of sales of local small business owners, such as cooperatives, the cooperatives aim to become a driving force for the growth and development of the local economy. A portion of the union's profits is used for community development and job creation. They welcome foreign businesses like them to cooperate with them. "The door is wide open to those who want to join our union, regardless of nationality. Let's make a world where we grow together, succeed together, and prosper together," said an official from the organization.

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