THU, 12 01, 2022
A day in the life of a foreign student in Daejeon City (대전)!
A day in the life of a foreign student in Daejeon City (대전)!
  • By Nguyen Minh Hieu
  • 승인 2022.07.18 20:16
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Greetings! My name is Hieu and I am an international student living in Daejeon. For someone who is still studying, my daily routine can seem to be common and uninteresting. Nonetheless, I still try my best to enjoy it to its fullest. This is how a day of my life goes.

In the weekdays, I usually take the bus, or sometimes if the weather is enjoyable, I would walk to school. Classes in the times of the COVID-19 pandemic are online, so I often take them in the school’s study hall. After morning courses, me and my friends would have lunch in the cafeteria or nearby restaurants.

The gym is my next stop after schoolwork is done. Working out can be a great stress relief. After that, I would come home and prepare myself a simple dinner.

If there is still time after dinner, I would go down to the streets or go somewhere to explore the surrounding places. I have been in Daejeon for almost 2 years now but it still has so much to offer.

And that wraps up a day of my life in the beautiful city of Daejeon! How about you? How would you spend time here in Daejeon?

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