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Writer Yoo Eun-seok's Strange Garden Opens at Daejeon's highest observatory, The Art Space 193 (대전신세계)
Writer Yoo Eun-seok's Strange Garden Opens at Daejeon's highest observatory, The Art Space 193 (대전신세계)
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A solo exhibition by artist Yoo Eunsuk - "The Strange Garden of the Observatory," is now being displayed at The Art Space 193 with many interesting artworks.

At 'The Art Space 193', a distinctive observatory of Daejeon Shinsegae Art&Science, the solo exhibition of pop art artist Eunsuk Yoo, “The Strange Garden of the Observatory,” is being displayed with great success. The observatory 'The Art Space 193' of the Shinsegae Expo Tower, named to commemorate the 1993 Daejeon Expo and to symbolize the height of the building (193m), is a new landmark in Daejeon and is loved as a special art space. World-renowned artist Olafur Eliasson collaborated from the time of construction to transform the entire 42nd-floor space into one gigantic work of art called the 'Living Observatory', and from the observatory on the 40th floor, you can see the scenery of Daejeon near Daejeon Shinsegae at a glance.

'The Art Space 193' has created the character of an observatory with art by directing the 40th floor as an art space through collaboration with artists. In January, Sculptures by local artist Woojin Kim, who is famous for being collected by V of BTS, were installed, and in April, Seok-in Yeom's solo exhibition "Tetris Life" was held. Following that, Eunsuk Yoo, a participating artist in the pop art exhibition "Happy Pop!" held at the Shinsegae Gallery in Daejeon, will hold the solo exhibition "The Strange Garden of the Observatory" until September 13th.

As the name of the exhibition suggests, "The Strange Garden of the Observatory" transforms the observatory space into a fresh yet strange garden. Artist Yoo Eun-seok, who has been working on familiar materials such as heroes in cartoons and movies, and landmark buildings, presents new works that combine the familiar ball game with plants. Seeing flowers blooming over cracks in concrete, he created a new work with the theme of 'happily ever blooming', combining sports with fierce competition and happiness. A variety of works, such as the unique formativeness of balls stacked against gravity, and works using living plants, provide an enjoyable art experience to those who visit the observatory.

n the center of the observatory, the work "Bloomed Ball," which planted Yulma, a plant commonly found in the garden, will welcome visitors to the actual basketball and soccer ball. Competition is essential in sports that increase interest through ranking, but this work fills the exhibition space with the vitality of plants, with the theme that competition creates happiness and catharsis for all participants, not destroying opponents. Another protagonist of the exhibition is the "Sign Ball" series. This work, in which the shape of a ball is vertically stacked, has the dual meaning of a ball with the artist's signature and a "stacked ball". At the top, which is stacked up like a ranking, the shape of a plant sits like a crown. You can meet "sign balls" of various sizes, from small works of 69cm in height to large works of 3m in height, and "Sign Balls - Complete and Unfinished", the newly created installation work for this exhibition. In particular, the "D.I.Y. Sign Ball" made of soft fabric provides an opportunity for visitors to create their own "signed ball" by combining balls and plants.

In addition, "camouflage", where balls are gathered to form a shape like Mickey Mouse, "mirror with a sign ball blooming" that can capture the viewer's appearance along with the work, "From Pink Bear", "From Taddy" expressing plants that bloom through various gaps ", "From Circle" and other works can be found together in "The Observatory's Strange Garden".

The Art Space 193 is strengthening its character as a cultural and artistic space by holding a solo exhibition of local artists Woojin Kim and Seokin Yeom, followed by artist Eunsuk Yoo, a nationwide pop art artist. In the future, through collaboration with many artists, we will continue to provide artistic impressions and special memories to those who visit the observatory, and provide cultural artists with an opportunity to showcase their world of work along with the scenery of Daejeon. Efforts will continue. This exhibition of "The Observatory's Strange Garden" runs until September 13th.

The Art Space 193 - Daejeon Shinsegae Art & Science

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