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Super Exciting Wine-Tasting Experiences at the ‘2022 Daejeon International Wine Festival’
Super Exciting Wine-Tasting Experiences at the ‘2022 Daejeon International Wine Festival’
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Three days of the '2022 Daejeon International Wine Festival' has brought a lot of fun and a taste of the rich culture of wine to Daejeon City.

Daejeon Tourism Organization held the ‘2022 Daejeon International Wine Festival’ at the Daejeon Convention Center (DCC) from the 26th to the 28th of August. The ‘wine exhibition tasting’, which had been held down due to the coronavirus, was normalized and held at the 2nd Exhibition Hall of the Daejeon Convention Center, the largest ever with 230 booths participating. This is the 11th event this year.

‘Asia Wine Conference’ provides information on various wines from all over the world, and the ‘Wine Road Show’ in which wine buyers and importers participate was held. The ‘Korea National Sommelier Competition’ was held to select a sommelier who would represent Korea under the supervision of the Korea International Sommeliers Association (KISA). In the large-scale wine tasting zone, more than 10,000 wines from major wine-producing countries such as Italy, Spain, France, and Germany could be seen in one place. Wines selected through the ‘Asia Wine Trophy’, one of the world’s three largest wine competitions approved by the International Wine Organization (OIV), are distributed with the ‘Daejeon Label’ attached.

At 7 pm on the 26th and 28th, the ‘Wine Culture Night’ event was held at Hanbit Tower Plaza, Daejeon Expo Science Park, where you can enjoy jazz and K-pop performances, adding to the excitement. The event, open to the general public, was held from 11 am to 7 pm for a fee (admission fee of 10,000 won) for three days. You can use the tasting session if you bring a wine glass or purchase a wine glass at the event venue. As a side event, the wine seminar ‘Wapain the City’, which is linked to a dinner event in collaboration with a local restaurant, will be held until October. The ‘Room Corner Wine Counseling Center’, which solves questions about wine, will continue until December.

In the meantime, the Daejeon Wine Festival has promoted international and cultural exchanges through wine and contributed to expanding the wine culture in Asia as well as in Korea.

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