Jeju Implements K-ETA
Jeju Implements K-ETA
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K-ETA system applied to more than 100 countries starting September 2022.
Darangswi Oreum
Darangswi Oreum

Starting September 1, 2022, Jeju Island will require K-ETA.
Travelers holding passports of 112 countries that were either visa-free or visa-waived to Jeju Island will now be required to apply for a K-ETA before entering Jeju Island. Travelers can apply online via the K-ETA official website or mobile application.

* Travelers from 64 countries whose visa are waived under the Jeju Special Act will not require K-ETA.

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Applicable visa type:
 B-1 (Visa-exempted) & B-2 (Visa-free tourist) visa from 107 countries (5 countries previously requiring visa are excluded)
Exception: B-2-2 Visa from 64 countries

Travelers must apply for K-ETA and get approved before boarding the flight.
* Website:
* Mobile application: K-ETA
* Need to apply for K-ETA at least 2 weeks prior to departure
* Application fee is 10,000 won and is valid for 2 years (multiple entry accepted)
* Application usually takes approximately 72 hours for assessment. However, it can take more time due to an unexpected increase of applications, the circumstances of the applicant, etc.


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