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New Jung-gu District(대전시 중구청) heads for an exciting change
New Jung-gu District(대전시 중구청) heads for an exciting change
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Kim Kwang-shin(김광신), head of Jung-gu District Office, who leads the 8th Jung-gu District Office in Daejeon, shares his thoughts on the most attractive prospects such as culture, tourism, people, and events.


WalkintoKorea Kang Dae-hoon, CEO of Walk Into Korea, interviewed the 8th head of Jung-gu District Office in Daejeon in September 2, 2022.

Q1: What motivated you to become the head of the district office?
The rapid urbanization of the city was progressing through the development of the leading cores. At the time, economic, social and cultural functions were greatly reduced. For this reason, I have spent more than 30 years culminating experience in urban recording administration.
I want to make Jung-gu a place desirable to live in and Daejeon once again on the pace of progress. This goal is written in the Jung-gu Head Office.
During the election period, there were many residents from various regions and different fields.
We listened to their opinions on the development of precipitation and heard their wishes and aspirations.
Jung-gu promises to change.
These promises won the sympathy of the residents who want new changes.
Thank you for believing in my public experience and visions.
I think the election was won by the people's choice.

Q2: Jung-gu's culture as the mayor of the 8th popularly elected ward. A view on the promotion of art and tourism?
Jung-gu is an area diversified in sights to see, food to eat, and entertainment to enjoy.
I'm going to name here some of the most famous that made Jung-gu's charm.
Various festive performances, experiences, and traditional inheritance. We wish to spread the word through the festival.
The Hyo Culture Management Festival is the representative festival of Daejeon. The festival, celebrating its 13th anniversary this year, is based on the theme of flow, a Korean tradition.
It will be held at Puri Park, a representative attraction for Koreans to show their pride in their traditions.
At the Puri Festival, Korean representatives' families gather to show their pride in their traditions.

It is the only festival in korea where you can see and enjoy korean traditions and paintings.
In addition to this, each village has a common ground for people to visit and hold a bonfire to get along with the residents.
It will promote the culture, art, and printmaking of Jung-gu.

Q3: What are the cultural attractions in Jung-gu and how to make festivals grow globally?
Jung-gu is a city of history, and there are many cultural properties and attractions.
Bomunsan Mountain, also known as Treasure Moutain of Daejeon. An old Chungcheongnam-do office building with high historical value.
Many cultural properties such as Yuheidang and Bongsoru were built during the Joseon Dynasty.
"O!WORLD" amusement park filled with zoos, flowers, and happiness.
Puri Park, the only park we can find the origin of the family in Korea.
There are many places to visit, such as Seongsimdang bakery, a specialty of Daejeon.

In order for people from all over the world to find and enjoy the charm of Jung-gu, I intend to connect Baseball Dream Park, Mountain Bomunsan, O!WOLRD, and Puri Park with a comprehensive opening road system. This will make the urban travel infrastructure sought by people around the world.
By creating a residence-type city, it will allow people around the world to feel and find cultural properties. 

Q4: Some of the things in Jung-gu that you are proud of as the mayor?

Jung-gu is where history and tradition come alive when we stand at the center of Daejeon.
Bomunsan Mountain, which was called Treasure Mountain, is loved by citizens and used as a resting place. In addition, in the downtown area where Daejeon's succession and growth were shared,  Seongsimdang Bakery is the hottest place in Korea. We are making Daejeon "The City of Bread". The underground shopping mall of Jungang-ro, which is 700m underground, has about 600 shops. It has become a shopping mecca that births trends in Daejeon. Puri Park, which is the pride of Jung-gu, is beautiful in all four seasons, and the glass courts, waterfront, camping site, etc. are especially beautiful at night. All seasons is becoming a comfortable spot for people from all over the country to visit. If you visit Korea, please visit Jung-gu, Daejeon, and get there as soon as possible.

Q5: What would you like to say to people around the world on the occasion of UCLG?
First of all, I'd like to ask you to join us at the UCLG General Assembly.
We welcome representatives of cities and local governments from all around the world.
I'm happy and touched to greet everyone in the world.
We're going to discuss what's going on in the middle of globalization. We are far away, but connected.Due to COVID-19 and climate change etc,
there are many disasters that we must overcome together by joining forces.
If our global citizens work together to overcome this crisis, we will be able to return to a more advanced and happier life.
I wish health and happiness to all the citizens of the world. thanks a lot.

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