Metaverse Detox School(메타버스 디톡스쿨) - Consumption and Digital Detoxification
Metaverse Detox School(메타버스 디톡스쿨) - Consumption and Digital Detoxification
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With the unstoppable force of rising of social media and technological platforms, there are many concerns regarding the growth of the young generation. Metaverse Detox School is an answer to some of the lancinating concerns of them all.

A lifestyle education expert who has led the change from the field of education to Ondong for 30 years, an author who uses her life as a laboratory, writer Kim Eun-hyung(김은형), has published another book.
This book is made on the basis of an immediate cleanse from addiction and how to break the chain of obsession that originated from an early age!
Originally, it leads a calm composed trip to the foundation of learning.
'Metaverse Detox School' shows a way for teenagers to learn about the peculiarities of the biological gender of men and women through a digital platform.
Above general assumptions, 'sexual misconceptions' is a fairly widespread addictive pattern. It was planned with realization. It's not just a deviation from the children, it's a system of capitalism in society.

We find that the instant compensation system of digital platform companies is a more essential problem.
Immediate reward marketing, such as 'likes' on digital platforms, stimulates consumers' dopamine to reward pleasure.
Hence, giving leads to various addiction behaviors such as shopping, food, drugs, etc., and furthermore, pleasure is conceptualized as happiness.
They are mistaken and strategized as consumers of the joyous industry. Eventually, they became obsessed with money and created a bigger shortage.
The essence of the metaverse is the projection of human desire, and this secret and simple pleasure reward is a convenient hiding place for lovers who are in a 'thinking addiction' such as shame. It thickens and leads to a terrible addiction.
In general, the feelings of shame and inferiority that trigger addiction are compared with others and remain as scars on the inner self. It starts to become repeative thoughts and behaviors of obsession and self-demoralization,  making it more and more agonizing. So how do you get out of the addiction trap? The sublime nature of human existence is if you learn the essence of performance education from an early age, you are sectioned into boundaries.
There would be no need to divide each life into deeds and misfortunes. This is the point where the superiority disappears
It also ends the sense of inferiority and shame itself. And from the perspective of Buddhism's teachings, everything relationship is identified as a blaze. Through this, the excessive pursuit and desire for relative 'happiness' is an act of self-harm.
It has solved addictive problem behaviors caused by habitual "thinking addiction" and "addictive thinking."

Even in modern physics, the source of human beings is proton particles, which constantly change like bubbles.
It scientifically proves that there is no substance called "I" and gives strength to the teachings of Buddha of the Geumganggyeong.
This is an alternative to future education, and it is based on the "truth of religion," which is the highest instruction in education.
It also means the rediscovery and practice of classical education, of education as a religious practice, not as a faith.

Transformation is the paradigm of addictive commodity capitalism in the era of digital transformation where human interactions have disappeared.
I think it's an important perspective that can transform the future social paradigm of 'respect'.
I was able to share my thoughts with the readers.
"Metaverse Detox School" was designed with the concept of a light vacation book. When I was young, I was confused about using the experiences of the family as a text. More precisely, I write it in a novel form, and I put to thoughts about the family style and karma that come down to each family.
The method that was thought to be productive is to overcome the addictive capitalist system.
As an alternative, performative education for an early stage of awareness will guarantee the avoidance of addiction.
Classical historic figures of the East such as Laozi Zhuangzi Mencius, including Buddhist thought and Muju Sangbosi.
An era when awards become an important philosophical foundation that guarantees the survival of children who will lead the future society again.
Now is the time to be awake in the digital metaverse era. It is an enlightening book that is easy to read.

Book cover of 'Metaverse Detox School'
Book cover of 'Metaverse Detox School'


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