Busan World EXPO 2030
Busan World EXPO 2030
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Take a glance at Busan's bid to host for World Expo 2030

World Expo 2030 is under the choosing stage for a host to perfectly showcase its purpose: international exhibitions of the achievement of nations. So far, four countries have submitted their candidatures to be its host: the Republic of South Korea (Busan), Italy (Rome), Ukraine (Odesa), and Saudi Arabia (Riyadh).

Regarding the competition, Busan has chosen its theme to be Transforming Our World, Navigating Toward a Better Future. The following are further details about Busan's bid to be the host to this universal event

The submission of candidatures dossiers
The submission of candidatures dossiers

Busan: The Optimum Host for the World EXPO 2030

Busan, the second largest city in South Korea with approximately 3.5 million residents and the greatest port city, is an excellent choice to host World EXPO 2030. The city is eager to host World EXPO 2030 on the basis of "3Ws": well-developed; well-placed; and well-experienced.

Busan: Facts & Figures

Busan is unrivaled when it comes to hosting international events with prior hosting experience of:

  • 2002 Asian Games, 2005 APEC Summit, 2014 & 2019 Korea-ASEAN Special Summit
  • Designated as the Global Convention Complex by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in 2022

It is also unmatched in expertise of holding exhibition and promoting tourism:

  • The 5th and 13th largest MICE city in Asia and the world respectively, hosting 239 international conferences (Source: UIA Statistics in 2019)
  • Outstanding talent and exhibition infrastructure (BEXCO)
  • Engrossing natural environments created from the harmonious relationship of the sea (seven beaches in Busan), rivers and mountains
  • Diverse and robust tourism infrastructure
  • More than 120 Excellent 5 star hotels available for tourists

In terms of advances, Busan is soon to be an industrial city as it is the center of technological research for eco-friendly mobility, shipbuilding, and hydrogen energy.


Historically speaking, Busan holds a special place within Korea's long and rich past. It was Korea’s main point of interaction with the outside world since the ancient Gaya and Shilla periods 1,500-2,000 years ago via trade and cultural exchange. In a more recent time, Busan was the pioneer city that laid the foundation for Korea’s economic development and the growth of global Korean companies following the Korean War.

For further information, visit Busan World EXPO 2030:

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