2022 United Cities of Local Governments General Assembly D-19
2022 United Cities of Local Governments General Assembly D-19
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At Daejeon Convention Center, Daejeon UCLG Organizing Committee's promotional activities are accelerated as a large-scale symbol is displayed


The organizing committee of the 2022 United Cities of Local Governments (UCLG) General Assembly opens the general meeting.
With a month left, various promotional activities are being accelerated. Among them, Daejeon with the large image attached to the outer wall of the second exhibition hall of the convention center is definitely eye-catching. This outdoor advertisement suggested the direction of the UCLG General Assembly, and is advocated by the U.N in expressing possible development goals in connection with our role for future generations. It can also be used as a photo zone as well as a promotion for the General Assembly.


Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), a global commitment announced by the U.N in 2015 that all human beings are free from poverty, hunger, violence, and just and equal in education, health, safe housing and energy access. With society as its vision, the final goal is ultimately the shared prosperity of mankind and world peace. 

In this commercial, SDGs, which are global issues, are made easier and more comprehensible to the public. It is illustrated as colorful blocks being played by children as if they are trying to build a better tomorrow.

An official from the Organizing Committee said, "In the spirit of the United Cities of Local Governments (UCLG), we would like to inform you about the vision of the organization. Through the large-scale image installed on the Convention Center, we want to promote Daejeon Metropolitan City as a proud member of the Federation of Governments to the General Assembly. We expect the participation of our beloved citizens in the show as well,” he said.

The symbol represents children finding solutions and bringing a better tomorrow

Visit Daejeon Convention Center to see UCLG large-scale symbol.

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