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K-Halal Tour - The Future of Korean Halal Industry
K-Halal Tour - The Future of Korean Halal Industry
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Halal Tour - a traveling program dedicated for the tourism for Muslim in Korea

‘Korea Halal Association’ has provided halal information in Korea, based on strong Muslim network including Halal Hub Malaysia and many other countries. They also have been tried to raise awareness and disabuse misunderstanding of Halal in Korea. They provide customers not only halal certification and consulting service but also exhibition marketing and seminar for occupying 1600 million Muslim market.

K-Halal offers traveling comfortably and safely in Korea, and finding and participating in events and tours are suitable for Muslims. Moreover, Halal Tour let you know the direction (Qibla) and prayer time all around Korea. Communication and consultation through channel talk between the Muslim community - search for Halal-friendly restaurants, marts, lodgings, mosques, etc. in Korea based on location.

A K-Halal Tour Program
A K-Halal Tour Program

Besides average tour, K-Halal also offers the best of luxurious tour with various extravagant experiences such as palace touring, cruise ships to mountain trips.

K-Halal Tour Program
K-Halal Tour Program


K-Halal Tour is a great symbol of cooperation between Korean and the Muslim community, both in and outside of South Korea.

There are many tour programs coming up in the near future. To find out further detail information, visit K-Hala Tour main website: http://halaltour.kr

K-Halal promotional video:

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