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The rise of Daejeon Citizen's Chwitadae (취타대) is coming
The rise of Daejeon Citizen's Chwitadae (취타대) is coming
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Chwitadae - a form of traditional art performance is now being revitalized in Daejeon and across South Korea

After the inauguration of the 12th president of the Korean Traditional Music Association, the Daejeon Citizen's Chwita Academy (대전시민취타대) was formed in 2018 and the project was launched to provide local traditional arts and opportunities for traditional musicians to participate in performances in various events. The project that started with difficulty to provide opportunities for Korean musicians to participate in performances is now receiving calls from various events across the country.

Daechwita Performance
Daechwita Performance


Daechwita (대취타) was designated as an important Intangible Cultural Property No. 46. It is a representative marching song played when kings and ministers visited or when the army return victoriously, and it is meaningful because it is marching music that is distinctive not only in Korea but also in the East.

Lee Hwan-soo (이환수), president of Daejeon City Korean Traditional Music Association
Lee Hwan-soo (이환수), president of the Korean Traditional Music Association


Chwita (취타) means blowing and hitting, and it can be said to lead to such unique types of music, and it is a military band of mobile bands composed mainly of wind instruments and percussion instruments with loud sounds such as Taepyeongso (태평소), Nabil (나빌), Nagak(나각), Yonggo (용고), Unra (운라), Jabara (자바라), Jing(징), Janggo (장고), and Buk (북).
Daejeon Citizen's Chwita Academy consists of 45 members, including 25 musicians, and 20 flag bearers, center is Chwita's leader Ahn Do-kyung and Yoo Geun. Support project Visiting culture and arts education Traditional music performance (Gilma Middle School, Daejeon Naedong Middle School, Sintan Jungang Middle School, Hoedeok Middle School, Daejeon Noriul Middle School, Daejeon Gubong Middle School, Shintanjin Middle School) Munjeong Middle School, Daejeon Blind School, Daejeon Wonmyeong School, Daejeon Hyegwang School, Daejeon Girls' Middle School, Ojeong Middle School, Hanbal Girls' Middle School, Daejeon Bird Nae Middle School, Daejeon Gao Middle School, Daejeon Daecheong Middle School), etc. Starting with the 2019-2022 regional representative art festival, the Muak Performance Festival (무악연희축제).
They are performing in many places, including the Daejeon Citizen's Traditional Music Festival in 2019-2022, the Sancheong Gisan Cultural Festival in 2020, Dongchundang Cultural Festival in 2022, and the opening ceremony of the Taean-gun Sports Festival in 2022.
Unfortunately, however, the value is not being properly evaluated. Rather than participating in events in other regions, it is not being actively utilized in our local events.

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