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South Korea enter national mourning period after the tragedy on Itaewon District
South Korea enter national mourning period after the tragedy on Itaewon District
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After the Halloween crush incident, South Korea expresses utter grief for the victims as officials and citizens everywhere share their condolences


Itaewon has been a place of great attraction for tourists both domestically and foreignly, especially in major events. Due to the post-pandemic period, festivals and celebrations are even more anticipated than ever. Last Saturday, October 29th, the District was crowded with countless people celebrating Halloween. The event was fun and cheerful at first until it took a grim turn near the Hamilton hotel.

At least 153 people have been killed, many are young adults and teens, 19 of them are foreigners and 133 others were injured, 19 of them with serious injuries. Amongst the casualties, many of them are women due to their physique and strength were unable to withstand the stampede.

The cause of this disaster is currently unclear. President Yoon Suk-yeol answered to the press “The government will designate the period from today until the accident is brought under control as a period of national mourning.”

Right after the incident, until now, many family members and relatives of the victims and missing people are gathered at a community center as they relentlessly try to search for their loved ones. The Seoul Metropolitan government, which had issued emergency text messages urging those in Itaewon to swiftly return home, said on Sunday that it has received reports of 355 missing people following the disaster. It said 60 staff members have been assigned to about 50 hospitals to support the bereaved families of the victims.

As of this tragic time, we share our deepest condolences, hope that everyone stay safe and hope for the best to the recovering victims.




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