THU, 12 01, 2022
UCLG announces 'Pact for the Future of Humanity' - Daejeon Declaration(대전선언)
UCLG announces 'Pact for the Future of Humanity' - Daejeon Declaration(대전선언)
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An arrangement was set by UCLG to ensure the safe and prosperous growth of local citizens from around the world



Daejeon UCLG World Congress 2022 ended on a successful note. It fully addressed the need for globalization and cooperation, especially in times of need such as the post-COVID-19 pandemic. On that ground, the UCLG Committee put forward an understanding after wrapping up World Congress - 'Pact for the Future of Humanity.'

As stated in its content, "we are embracing our origins to deliver a systemic transformation. Safeguarding local democracy, building peace through mutual cooperation, and remaining loyal to the values and principles of decentralization, subsidiarity, gender equality, self-government and accountability. But in 2020, the world stopped again, and the way we all relate to each other radically changed, perhaps forever. The COVID-19 crisis acted as a magnifying glass that highlighted who and what we were leaving behind." The pandemic was tragic to the course of the world but it was also a much-needed waking call. From this pact, the UCLG strives to bring back what was once an affluent advancement. "United Cities and Local Governments, an equality driven movement, is committed to facilitating the space for local and regional leaders to make this world a reality."

As a commitment to enact this pact, UCLG set up their future goals and activities, such as guaranteeing equal rights and opportunities, foster universal and equitable access to public services, promote informed and sustain citizen's participation, etc.

Daejeon UCLG World Congress
Daejeon UCLG World Congress meeting on 'Pact for the Future of Humanity'
(Source: UCLG)

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