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Daecheongho Lake Meditation Garden (대청호수 명상정원) - the destination for nature lovers and peace seekers
Daecheongho Lake Meditation Garden (대청호수 명상정원) - the destination for nature lovers and peace seekers
  • By Minh Hieu Nguyen
  • 승인 2022.11.04 11:26
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Daejeon is quite the city when it comes to futuristic advances and technology, but it also is one of the most peaceful cities with natural sightings

Daejeon is well-known for its advanced technology and progressive way of life but that does not mean it lacks peacefulness and tranquility. Besides leading machinery, Daejeon has abundant natural sightings and calm-inducing destinations. If what you are looking for is peace of mind and a refreshing environment, Daecheongho Lake Meditation Garden is a great choice.

Daecheongho Lake Meditation Garden

Daecheongho Lake is a vast area filled with green trees, and white, soothing sand, all covered under the blue of the water. With this city-free surrounding, your mind will be able to relax and leave behind all troubles. The Meditation Garden is one part of this enormous lake, located on the greener side of the area. It is not only a great resting place but also an attractive photo site. This aesthetic, natural landscape has been a photogenic destination to various travelers, both domestically and foreign. There is a photo zone equipped with free wifi and shelter. In certain areas close to the lake, there are paddlings of ducks swimming and eating. This is definitely a dream destination for both nature lovers and photography enthusiasts.

Daecheongho Lake Meditation Garden is all about immersing yourself in the serenity of nature, therefore, there are transportation zones, and parking and toilets are provided only at the entrance. Besides tourists, there will not likely be many locals present at the sightings. If you require guidance, you should have your phone with you to search for directions and information. There are also no trashcans or waste areas so if you wish to have a picnic there, a garbage bag will be suitable. 

The Meditation Garden is filled with trees so it will definitely be a great destination at this time of Autumn when foliage is in fashion. It is quite far from the center of Daejeon to Daecheongho and buses often have long intervals so taking a taxi is highly recommended. 



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