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Autumn in Korea: A fun-filled trip to Nami Island
Autumn in Korea: A fun-filled trip to Nami Island
  • By Swarnim Singh (수아) - WalkintoKorea
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South Korea's Autumn is a beauty of nature in its truest form. To enjoy Autumn to the fullest, Nami is one of the most attractive destination.

Autumn is the month of colorful foliage and vibes. During this season, the temperature also falls down to a mild level and invites a lot of people to enjoy more outdoor activities. It is the season that brings happiness to faces just by looking at their surroundings.



A perfect way to enjoy the beauty of autumn in Korea is to visit the famous Nami Island. Nami Island is a half-moon-shaped isle near Seoul. It is a hot spot for K-Drama shooting and one of the famous dramas shot there was “Winter Sonata”. Nami Island is a magical and unique place that has its own cultural independence from the Republic of Korea. This beautiful island has different, yet equally amazing, scenic experiences in each season, making it the perfect day trip from Seoul at any time of the year.



Especially during autumn, it is one of the hot destinations. With beautiful trees and leaves of varied colors ranging from green, orange, red, and yellow, you can find them all in one place. Seoul Events organized a trip to Nami Island last weekend. It was attended by around 20 people who came from various countries. When asked about how different is Korean autumn from one’s country, they replied “In Europe, it is totally different, the foliage is more of orange & brownish tinge but in Korea, we can see all the colors. It’s beautiful.” One of them mentioned they didn’t regret waking up early in the morning at 6:00 am and traveling more than 2 hours to get a view like this.

The beauty of Nami Island was appealing to everyone’s eyes and the mild weather made it feel just as comfortable as it looked. “This was my first Fall in Korea and experiencing it at Nami Island was something I would highly recommend to anyone! My one regret is not doing the zip line into the island to get the views from above. I would definitely love to come back during a different season and see the changes.” said Sana from the USA. The ferry ride was beautiful across the water and something the participants really enjoyed.



As soon as the group landed on the Island, the entire group was so enamored by the first tree they saw with ruby-red leaves. Everyone spent so much time just at that first tree clicking so many photographs. They eventually realized that there was an entire island to scope out with so many other beautiful trees and scenery.

There was plenty of room to spread out as well as many opportunities to take pictures with all the beautiful trees and the landscape. In addition to the beautiful scenery, there were also many performances on the island. At the edge of the island, everyone was so happy to get a view of the lake with the trees by the side.


Overall, the participants had a wonderful experience at Nami Island. “Events Seoul is the best tour groups if you want indulge in fun activities in Seoul while connecting with other foreigners. I always look forward to their next events announcement. I highly recommend it.” said Sarah from Djibouti.  “We didn’t want to miss out on the peak of the autumn season in Korea, so we randomly planned this event a week before and I was glad to find so many people joining us. With the beauty, smell, temperature and the overall relaxing feeling that the autumn gives cannot be expressed easily in words.” said Swarnim Singh, the organizer & founder of Seoul Events.

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