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Daejeon Sangso Auto Campground ( 상소오토캠핑장) - nature in the heart of the City
Daejeon Sangso Auto Campground ( 상소오토캠핑장) - nature in the heart of the City
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Camping experiences are unlike any other in South Korea. In Daejeon, Sangso Auto Campground is the place where nature meets city.
Sangso Auto Campground entrance
Sangso Auto Campground entrance


Life in the city can be busy and stressful. Anyone can use a relaxing time once in a while. If you are in Daejeon and are too engaged in your work but still want to spend some time away from the city, Sangso Auto Campground is a great destination for you.

Sangso Auto Campground
Sangso Auto Campground

Sangso Auto Campground is a recreational facility with a beautiful natural environment such as Sangso-dong Forest Bathing Area and Daejeoncheon Stream. Here, you can experience the most engaging natural moments but are still able to maintain your most basic needs.

With a vast area of 16,962㎡, there are 50 sites where you can camp with your vehicle, 2 toilets, 1 cooking area, and 1 shower with hot water. There are multiple camping spots with convenient parking areas for everyone to enjoy. Furthermore, additional camping sites (40 sites) and caravans (10 units) have been created recently for this destination to become the most significant camping site in the central region (planned to open).

The reason why Sangso Auto Campground is more attractive is because Sangso-dong Forest Park is right behind it. This place boasts a beautiful natural environment throughout the four seasons.

Sangsodong Forest Park (상소동 산림욕장)

The price for rental is also very reasonable: 25000 KRW for peak season and weekends and 20000 KRW for weekdays in normal seasons. In this inspiring weather of Autumn, you can come to this camping ground with your friends or family and enjoy the beauty of foliage.

For additional details, visit Sangsodong Auto Camping Ground website:



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