Buyeo (부여) strives to be the next major industrial city on agriculture and culture
Buyeo (부여) strives to be the next major industrial city on agriculture and culture
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Buyeogun will use the driving force for regional business by completing the industrial complex and attracting bio and agri-food companies that make use of the characteristics of a first-class agricultural city.
Buyeo City Mayor Park Jeong-hyeon and WalkintoKorea CEO Kang Dea-hoon and other advisors


On the morning of November 16, 2022, Park Jeong-hyeon (박정현), Mayor of Buyeo City, met with Kang Dea-hoon (강대훈), CEO of WalkintoKorea, which is the advisor on investment attraction and export marketing at Buyeo City Office.


At this meeting, Buyeo City Mayor Park Jeong-hyeon said, "We are concentrating our efforts on attracting companies based on the Hongsan General Industrial Complex, which is currently undergoing adjustments, and the nation's highest level of agricultural infrastructure capabilities." In the last local election, Mayor Park pledged to “realize investment attraction of 1 trillion won by attracting 100 companies.” He plans to make Buyeo-gun a self-sufficient city with a population of 70,000 and a vibrant city with a living population of 100,000. Governor Park said, “In order to prevent the disappearance of the region due to population decline, attracting companies and investments is the top priority.” It is said Buyeo-gun covers an area of ​​470,000 square meters around Hongsan-myeon (홍산면). Mayor Park's strategy for Buyeo-gun during the 8th civil election is to attract small and medium-sized enterprises related to the agriculture, forestry and livestock industry, bio bridge, and tourism industries that fit the regional characteristics. In this regard, we are fostering agri-food processing, manufacturing, distribution, and export companies linked with Gooddrae agricultural products.

At this meeting, CEO Kang Dae-hoon said, "The growth model of industrial complexes must evolve into an industrial campus model that combines industry, knowledge, and culture in the way of the 1980s. Google, Apple, and Samsung are also calling their own production complexes a campus. Therefore, the Hongsan General Industrial Complex should become a Buyeo campus that combines a university (branch school), research institute, library, cultural center, and shopping center.” Only then can young people and global companies be attracted.

On this day, Park Byeong-nam (박병남), policy aide, and Lee Woo-soon (이우순), GoodTrae team leader, participated in the meeting that also served as a policy discussion.

Currently, Buyeo-gun is the No. 1 fresh produce growing area in Chungcheongnam-do and has the nation's best 'Intelligent Smart Farm' ('지능형 스마트팜'과) and 'Public Smart Farm' ('공공형 스마트팜') complexes. In addition, 'GoodTrae' ('굿드래'), a local brand, is a luxury brand that has won the national brand award for 11 consecutive years.

Park Jeong-hyeon, the City Mayor, received the highest score in the evaluation of the fulfillment of the pledge of the head of the national local government in the last 7th civil election and received the best SA rating for two consecutive years. Mayor Park said, “Based on the regional infrastructure that has been steadily developed over the next four years, we will make Buyeo a vibrant, competitive cultural and industrial city.”

Buyeo City growth plan


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