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See the Daejeon magnificent skyline from above at Sikjangsan Observatory (식장산 전망대)
See the Daejeon magnificent skyline from above at Sikjangsan Observatory (식장산 전망대)
  • By Minh Hieu Nguyen
  • 승인 2022.11.18 14:53
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The overall look of the city can provoke some great internal feelings. If the beauty of the skyline is what you are looking for, give Sikjansan Observatory a visit.

The end of the year is coming. All things are moving at a slower pace as winter approaches. At this time, it is best to spend time to take back a step, contemplate the past year and spend precious quality time with loved ones. With that in mind, there is no better place to achieve these goals other than Sikjangsan Observatory.

Overview of Sikjansang Observatory

At the height of 598m, you can easily see the whole of Daejeon as a big picture. Does not matter at dusk or dawn, the skyline of Daejeon city will give you the chills of peacefulness and appreciation. It is famous for the sight of sunsets and the traditional outlook, which add up to the tranquility. 

What makes Sikjangsan Observatory so attractive and convenient is that you can travel all the way to the top by car or by any other public transport you prefer. It was like a ray of light in cold weather. Upon reaching the top, the second-floor pavilion, which retains the elegance of a traditional Korean house, welcomes you with a dignified appearance. Admiration burst out at the scenery that became clearer as we got closer. Several mountains in all directions, sparkling lights, and the color of the sunset layered on top of them. There was no lack of relief from the daily stuffiness and the weariness of life.

View from the Observatory


As you stand above the romantic sighting, the feeling of winter's cold will not matter as it will be erased by the magnificent vision. The peace that comes with it will make you feel better and easier to reflect on yourself. If you want to set an end to 2022 with a meaningful remark, why not Sikjansang Observatory?

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