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Yuseong Hot Spring Foot bath (유성온천 족욕) - A unique experience in Daejeon
Yuseong Hot Spring Foot bath (유성온천 족욕) - A unique experience in Daejeon
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Daejeon has a variety of exclusive experiences and the public Foot spa is one that you should definitely not miss

Foot massage and foot spa were invented very long ago as methods to remedy sadness and stimulate relaxation. In Daejeon, South Korea, Yuseong Hot Spring provides a public foot bath that is accessible and free to everyone throughout the year.

Yuseong Hot Spring Foot Bath (Source:
Yuseong Hot Spring Foot Bath (Source:


Yuseong Hot Springs has long been associated with cranes. During the final days of Baekje Kingdom, a man who was the only son and heir of a family for seven generations was seriously wounded during a war with Silla. His mother worried greatly over her son’s wounds. One day she saw a crane with a wounded wing dip itself into a hot spring in the midst of snow-covered ground and healed. She took her son there and his wound was healed as well so the legend goes. Perhaps because of this legend, the Yuseong Hot Springs is famous for its incredible healing properties.


Yuseong Hot Springs is located at the center of Daejeon. The hot spring is known to be effective in countering many kinds of maladies. The water here contains alkaline minerals such as calcium, and potassium, sulphur, carbonic acid, silicic acid and radium. An especially high concentration of radium is found here. Such alkaline hot springs are known to be good for treating neuralgia and geriatric diseases. Nearby are large accommodations with many convenient facilities, which make it easy to visit here while touring. Visitors can enjoy the pleasant foot spa and then accommodate themselves in rest areas or try some local cuisine. 

The cold of winter is coming soon. Give Yuseong Hot Spring Foot Bath a visit and experience the warmth and pleasure of foot spa yourself. This is a great occasion to creat a memorable moment with you families and loved ones.


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