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"Honey Jam Daejeon" (꿀잼대전) - the all-in-one app for everything you need to know when traveling in Daejeon
"Honey Jam Daejeon" (꿀잼대전) - the all-in-one app for everything you need to know when traveling in Daejeon
  • By Minh Hieu Nguyen
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The era of technology and social media is dominating and tourism everywhere is being digitalized. Now, Daejeon also has its own online traveling guidance.
Honey Jam Daejeon's interface
Honey Jam Daejeon's interface

For a long time, traveling in South Korea was not an easy task, especially if you are foreigners and are unfamiliar with the language. The locals are hospitable but in some areas, English and other languages are not really available. And sometimes even when you are fluent in Korean, the choices of where to go, what food to eat, and what goods to buy are really tough to decide. With 'Honey Jam Daejeon' (꿀잼대전), these will no longer be your issues.

'Honey Jam Daejeon' is an app dedicated to advancing the tourism of Daejeon. The app is designed in Korean but other languages are available such as English, Chinese and Japanese. The interface is neat and comprehensible so it could be easily accessed by users of all ages.

Its main goal is to attract tourists to Daejeon so it is not monetarily driven and is always updated based on the benefits of travelers. It constantly shows news on price-sensitive tours, news on incentives and special offers. It also relieves the stress of choosing suitable traveling means by recommending the best tickets and tour information. If you are wondering what event is happening and trending in Daejeon, the app also has its own "Festival & Event" section for you to update.

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If you are planning on paying Daejeon a visit, you should definitely try out "Honey Jam Daejeon" application: 

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