SolBridge concludes the Fall 2022 Semester with its traditional Commencement Ceremony
SolBridge concludes the Fall 2022 Semester with its traditional Commencement Ceremony
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An event dedicated to celebrating the achievements and rewarding students of SolBridge was held on Monday, 19th December.

With the end of the year approaching, SolBridge students, professors, and faculty members reach their year-end remarks. Regardless of failures or successes, they have experienced a lively year with the lessened effects of COVID-19, classes held back offline and everyone gradually readapting their old yet refreshing lifestyles. This time is especially important to students graduating from SolBridge and entering a new chapter of their lives.

SolBridge Commencement Ceremony stage


The Ceremony started with the Procession of Authorities, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and South Korea's National Anthem. After that, The President of Woosong College Oh Deog-seong and SolBridge Dean Joshua Park gave out their inspiring Congratulatory Speeches. They reminded the soon-to-be Solbridge alumni to look back and reflect on their footsteps at SolBridge, to carefully and proudly take their next steps forward, and that they are never alone in the challenging journey ahead of them. 

SolBridge graduates and students
SolBridge graduates and students


The event continued with the most important part - The Conferral of Expected Degrees. Each prospect graduate will come to the stage to receive their degrees and receive commendations from the Dean and Woosong President. After that, the school nominates and congratulates its Global Leaders, recognized for their immense contributions and excellent academic records. Lastly, the valedictorians of the BBA and MS programs made their representative speeches and the Ceremony concluded with the introduction of Woosong Foundation and the School song.


The Commencement Ceremony was a tremendous opportunity for students and their loved ones to celebrate their achievements and reflect on their journey in SolBridge as well as in South Korea.

WalkintoKorea CEO Kang Dea-hoon and WalkintoKorea employee/SolBridge graduate student Nguyen Minh Hieu


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