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Come to see one of Daejeon's most lively destination - Hanbat Sports Complex (한밭종합운동장)
Come to see one of Daejeon's most lively destination - Hanbat Sports Complex (한밭종합운동장)
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This is one of Daejeon most outstanding sports facilities

Sports are what keep both the spirit and body alive. We idolize athletes because they are capable of unimaginable feats and raise the morale of thousands and millions of people. If you are a sports fan or just simply want to participate in some outdoor activities, don't miss out Hanbat Sports Complex.


Full View of Hanbat Sports Complex


Hanbat Sports Complex consists of a main stadium, indoor arena, tennis court, field-and-track practice stadium, and gateball court. The main stadium has a capacity to hold 26,000 spectators and has a soccer field and 400-meter eight lane track for various sports events. Other indoor arenas provide space for sports including basketball, volleyball, and badminton as well as promotional events. Other than sport-supported facilities, it has a steady infrastructure with fully equipped stores, restrooms and some children's entertainment environment like playground.

Hanwha Life Insurance Park
Hanwha Life Insurance Eagles Park

It has had the honor to hold several major sports event. It was used by Daejeon Citizens before Daejeon World Cup Stadium opened and the team relocated in 2001. It hosted several football preliminaries during the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul.

Baseball park was opened in 1965, and undergone a significant renovation and expansion in 2012. It now has a capacity of 13,500, and serves as home for Hanwha Eagles of Korea Professional Baseball League. Chungmu Gymnasium is an indoor sports facility that can be used as basketball, or volleyball stadium. It currently serves as home for Samsung Fire Bluefangs of Korea Volleyball Federation.

If you have the chance to visit Daejeon and is enthusiastic about sports, take a look at Hanbat Sports Complex.



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