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The dark cultural heritage in Daejeon reborn as a civic cultural art space
The dark cultural heritage in Daejeon reborn as a civic cultural art space
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A newly finished building in Daejeon promises to be a local heritage

A building in Indong (인동), Daejeon City, has been remodeled into a cultural space for citizens after 100 years.


Decorated and opened as CNCITY energy, art and music performance exhibition hall. It is quenching the thirst for space for art enjoyment through corporate patronage activities and opening up the era of full-fledged private art halls. It is likely to contribute to resolving the hollowing out of the original city center The building of the Daejeon branch of the Oriental Development Company, a representative economic exploitation agency during the Japanese colonial period, has been transformed into a cultural and artistic space that provides exhibitions and performances to Daejeon citizens, including art and music. According to CNCITY Energy, the company's cultural foundation, the Mind Energy Foundation (마음에너지재단), transformed the Daejeon branch building of Dongyang Cheoksik Co., Ltd., (동양척식주식회사) a nationally registered cultural property, in Indong, Dong-gu, Daejeon Metropolitan City into a cultural and artistic space through remodeling over two years and completed it on December 30, 2022. The Oriental Development Company, established by the Empire of Japan in 1908, was a national enterprise built as a result of Japanese colonial exploitation policy toward the Korean Empire and other countries in East Asia. The company was headquartered first in Seoul, and later in Tokyo. Wikipedia

Heredium building after remodeling


It was revealed CNCITY Foundation has designated this space as a 'heritage' in Latin. They named it <HEREDIUM>, which means inherited land. 'Heredium' is expected to fulfill its role as a cultural and artistic space with state-of-the-art facilities such as anti-humidity, and soundproofing within the building for the exhibition of artworks. Space is secured so that the audience can be accommodated and enjoy music and concerts to the fullest. It can be used widely for concerts, an old art hall space for citizens. The completion of Heredium this time means not only the rebirth from a colonial exploitation institution to a cultural and artistic space but also the fact that CNCTY Energy, a private company that self-proclaims itself as a citizen-friendly company, has started to contribute to the local community in earnest. 'It is evaluated that it has opened a new horizon for corporate mecenat business. In this way, as Herdium becomes one of the axes leading to Daejeon, it is expected that the currency phenomenon in the old downtown area will be resolved. Art director Sunjae Ham (함선재) said, "The culture that preserves the value of modern architectural cultural heritage is the root of harmony." In particular, he expressed his aspiration to "create a new history of the festival, citizens, and cultural spaces through Heredium."

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