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A word of momentary goodbye to WalkintoKorea
A word of momentary goodbye to WalkintoKorea
  • By Hieu / WalkintoKorea
  • 승인 2023.01.20 11:18
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The most important memories and the experiences of a WalkintoKorea employee

Good morning, readers. I am Nguyen Minh Hieu, a marketing assistant working at WalkintoKorea. The time I spent here in South Korea and with the company is not long, but it has definitely contributed in shaping me as a person and has given me so many memorable moments that without them, I would not be as whole as I am today.

I came to South Korea as a transfer student, with the only goal of finishing my education and learning new stuff. Surprisingly, I got so much more than I bargained for. I got to study in a diversified and professional environment like SolBridge, I traveled and saw so many beautiful places in South Korea, I made friends that guided me through the hardships of living in a foreign country, and I got a job that left me with so much experience and even more to learn.

First trip in South Korea with friends
First trip in South Korea with friends

I had 2 years in South Korea. It was rather short but it was enough for me to fall in love with this place. Most of the time I spent here was used for studying but other than that, it was amazing to see so many new things and experience the greatness of this country. 

Without a doubt, SolBridge had a major influence on my time here. The learning process required a lot of effort and the schedule was tight but they were all worth it for the important knowledge and the amazing professors and friends. Graduating from SolBridge is one of my biggest achievements and from that, I can take on any other challenge that face my way.

Me and WalkintoKorea CEO - Mr. Kang Dea Hoon

Last but not least, I got a wonderful job here at WalkintoKorea. It all started when Quynh Anh - a prior employee introduced me to the company and got me an interview. I was her replacement and as I had so many things to learn, Quynh Anh and Mr. Kang Dea Hoon not only helped me adapt to the company business but also showed me the beauty of South Korea's culture and the city of Daejeon through the operation of WalkintoKorea. The time I had here as a marketing assistant was not long but in only a short amount of time, WalkintoKorea and Mr. Kang Dea Hoon treated me not only as an employee but also as if I was a family member. As I leave this place, I truly hope WalkintoKorea will only move forward and achieve everything that Mr. Kang aspires it to.

As for those who will come after me, please know that your work here is important, not only to the company but also to the community. If you aim to grow and to achieve, as a student or a marketer, you are in great hands.

Thank you, WalkintoKorea.

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