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Have a luxury cruise experience on a train!
Have a luxury cruise experience on a train!
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Rail Cruise Haerang is ready for your unique train experiences.

Have you ever dreamed of a luxury cruise on a train?

Haerang(해랑) is a luxury rail cruise. Just like a luxury cruise ship, Haerang is equipped with conveniences such as accommodation facilities, cafes, and karaoke bars. It travels many significant tourist destinations in Korea.

Rail Cruise Haerang is the luxury hotel-on-wheels offering a unique and memorable experience.

Haerang, inspired by the native Korean words that translate to “together with the sun,” is the first luxury train for rail travel to the most remarkable sites with the cinematic landscape of Korea.

Haerang’s guest rooms range from family rooms to deluxe rooms and suite. All passenger rooms are equipped with a bed, bathroom, TV and air conditioning.  

Traveling by train is a unique travel option that lets passengers fully appreciate the surrounding countryside by taking a look outside the room window.

The dining car is a combined restaurant and cafe with a wide variety of snacks and beverages: muffins and cookies, as well as coffee, wine, and juice, are available for free.

Take a journey through Korea’s most beautiful travel destinations with Haerang: comfortable rooms, hospitable staff, various entertainment programs, viewing areas, and delicious meals.

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