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1990s-themed festival 'Play from Those Old Days'
1990s-themed festival 'Play from Those Old Days'
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1990s-themed festival 'Play from Those Old Days' runs until March 19, 2023


The traditional cultural theme park Korean Folk Village this winter hosts "The Play from Those Old Days," an interactive festival that brings back fond memories of the 1990s.

This event's retro-themed performances and events evoke nostalgia for those who grew up in the 90s and novelty among Gen Z. Performing arts masterpieces, an arcade with classic video games, music cafe playing oldies and Jongno Bookstore all combine to bring back the feel and memories of the decade.


Through March 19, 2023


Korean Folk Village, 90, Minsokchon-ro, Giheung-gu District, Yongin, Gyeonggi-do Province


[Subway] Suwon Station (Seoul Subway Line 1) Exit 4 / Sangal Station (Suin-Bundang Line) Exit 3

[Bus] Sinnonhyeon Station No. 5001-1 / Gangnam Station No. 1560 / Seoul Station No. 4101

Contact (Tel/fax/email)

Tel: +82-31-288-0000


(Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese)


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