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Daejeon 0 O'clock Festival (대전 0시 축제) Takes Visitors on a Journey Through Time
Daejeon 0 O'clock Festival (대전 0시 축제) Takes Visitors on a Journey Through Time
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The Daejeon 0 O'clock Festival (대전 0시 축제) has unveiled its theme as a 'time travel festival' that will showcase the past, present, and future of Daejeon through its various events and programs. The festival is named after a popular old Korean song called "Daejeon Blues -대전부르스" which serves as its inspiration.

Mayor of Daejeon Aims to Raise the Bar at This Year's 0 o'clock Festival: Promises World-Class Entertainment and Fun

In addition to the main theme, various sub-events have been planned to make this festival a representative street culture festival of South Korea. The festival will feature a large-scale street parade with a different theme every day, a fringe festival where local artists will perform, a creative song festival based on "Daejeon Blues" street plays, top-level musician performances every night, and a light street show that utilizes science and technology.

At the meeting, festival organizers expressed their excitement about the direction and program of the festival and shared various opinions to make the event more successful.

Daejeon 0 o'clock Festival Set to Boost Local Economy and Delight Residents and Tourists Alike

The city of Daejeon plans to refine its plan based on the opinions shared during the meeting and create a high-quality festival with professional execution.

Daejeon Mayor Lee Jang-woo (이장우) stated that the Daejeon 0 O'clock Festival will not only be a simple event for eating and playing but also a world-class festival that will revive the local economy and allow citizens and tourists to enjoy the fun of Daejeon. He also promised to put in more effort to elevate the festival to a higher level.

The festival will take place from August 11th to 17th for seven days, and the one-kilometer road section from the old Chungcheong Provincial Office to Daejeon Station will be closed to traffic.

Daejeon City has been speeding up its preparations for the festival after selecting "Daejeon, the city that never sleeps, the fun that never ends" as its catchphrase and finalizing its logo design on May 10th.

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