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KAGRO and GoodTrae (굿뜨래) Partnership: Bringing Authentic Korean Flavors to the US
KAGRO and GoodTrae (굿뜨래) Partnership: Bringing Authentic Korean Flavors to the US
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KAGRO (International Korean Grocers and Licensed Beverage) and Kang Dea-hoon, the chairman of the Global Trade Cooperatives, who is consulting on GoodTrae marketing, discuss how to bring GoodTrae's agricultural products to the U.S. market.

On May 8th, 2023, Kim Kyong-hwan (김경환), the representative of the KAGRO International (국제한인식품주류상총연합회) in Seoul office, and Kang Dae-hoon, the chairman of the Global Trade Cooperatives, met to discuss the entry of Korea's leading agricultural and food brand, GoodTrae, to the US market.

Kim Kyong-hwan (김경환), the CEO of KAGRO International (left) and Kang Dae-hoon, the chairman of the Global Trade Cooperatives (right)
Mr. Kim Kyong-hwan (left) and Mr. Kang Dae-hoon (right)

KAGRO (Korean American Grocers Association), led by Chairman Kim Ju-han (김주한) is an association of Korean grocery companies in the United States. There are 35,000 Korean Americans operating grocery stores in North America, and KAGRO is connected to 200,000 people including families.

KAGRO (Korean American Grocers Association)
KAGRO (Korean American Grocers Association)

KAGRO, representing Korean-American food merchants, was founded as a non-profit organization in 1989. It started when food associations in California and Philadelphia discussed their businesses. Two years later, KAGRO began its activities when eight associations (LA, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Baltimore, Dallas, New York, Seattle, Washington DC) joined together. KAGRO currently has 21 regional associations, and these associations hold regular general meetings twice a year. Members introduce products that sell well in their respective communities and share business information through KAGRO events.


One of KAGRO's main businesses is its scholarship program, which provides financial support to young Korean-American and liquor society members to help them achieve their dreams. The scholarship program began in 1992, in the aftermath of the LA riots, which affected many Korean-American businesses and communities. KAGRO members and Korean immigrants were among those affected, with 2,073 Korean businesses damaged and the total damage estimated at $300 million. In response to this crisis, KAGRO launched its scholarship program as a way to support the community and help young people in need.


In addition to its scholarship program, KAGRO also supports the Korean War Veterans Association and the Korean Adoptee Association. The organization regularly meets with representatives of the Black and Latin communities to build bridges and foster understanding across different cultures and communities.


In addition to these efforts, KAGRO recognizes the importance of adapting to changes in the food and beverage industry. As consumer preferences evolve and technology advances, KAGRO aims to stay ahead of the curve by continuously improving its products and services. They believe that innovation and creativity are essential for success in the competitive market, and they are committed to exploring new opportunities for growth and expansion. By embracing change and investing in the future, KAGRO is positioning itself to thrive in the years ahead.

GoodTrae promotes their products
GoodTrae promotes their products

GoodTrae and KAGRO have a close relationship as GoodTrae is a member of KAGRO's business network. GoodTrae is a Korean agricultural goods distribution company that specializes in importing and distributing high-quality Korean food products to overseas markets.


Through their partnership with KAGRO, they could have access to a network of Korean-American business owners and entrepreneurs who can provide support and guidance on navigating the American market. KAGRO also helps to promote Goodtrae's products and services to its members and the wider Korean-American community. The relationship between Goodtrae and KAGRO is mutually beneficial, as both organizations work together to strengthen the Korean-American business community and promote Korean food and culture in the United States.

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