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The Launch of the Military Experience Center in Gyeryong-si (계룡시)
The Launch of the Military Experience Center in Gyeryong-si (계룡시)
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The city of Gyeryong, led by Mayor Lee Eung-woo (이응우), ambitiously pursued the establishment of a military experience center to create a mecca for military security experiences. On the 19th, the completion of the construction of the military experience center was celebrated with an opening ceremony.

Gyeryong City Holds Opening Ceremony for Military Experience Center
Gyeryong City Holds Opening Ceremony for Military Experience Center

Located in Namsun-ri, Sindohan-myeon, Gyeryong-si, the military experience center covers a land area of ​​10,258 square meters and a floor area of ​​2,999 square meters. A total of 13.2 billion won was invested in the project, including 600 million won from the national government, 3.4 billion won from the province, and 9.2 billion won from the city. Construction began in September of the previous year, and the center was built with one basement floor and three above-ground floors.


The opening ceremony, attended by about 200 people including Mayor Lee Eung-woo, Chairman Kim Beom-gyu (김범규) of the Gyeryong City Council, city council members, officials from various institutions and social organizations, military personnel, and residents, proceeded with a report on the progress of the construction of the military experience center, commendations, ribbon-cutting, and facility tours.


The military experience center consists of a VR experience hall, a seminar room, a military experience dormitory, an outdoor exhibition square, and an outdoor garden. The city plans to conduct a trial operation during the '2023 Gyeryong Military Culture Festival (2023계룡군문화축제)' scheduled from October 6th to 10th this year, and officially open the center in March of next year.


During the trial operation period, the city plans to focus on checking and improving the facilities and operations of the center, sparing no effort in providing financial and material support to make the military experience center a birthplace of representative military security experiences in Korea.

In addition, before the 2023 Gyeryong Military Culture Festival, the city plans to complete the installation of representative military cultural assets for the army, navy, and air force, as well as an outdoor light garden. Furthermore, there are plans to establish a unique and differentiated military media art exhibition hall based on military culture.


Once the military experience center opens, the city expects to provide participants with unforgettable memories through a 1-night, 2-day accommodation program that is uniquely offered nationwide, where they can experience various military life and training activities while cultivating patriotism and a sense of security.


Mayor Lee Eung-woo stated, "The establishment of the military experience center will not only establish the local identity of Gyeryong as a military city but also greatly contribute to the revitalization of the local economy through attracting tourists and creating jobs." He added, "Together with the Security Ecology Exploration Trail and Military Street, we will do our best to make Gyeryong a truly world-class military park, promoting the project."


The completion of the military experience center in Gyeryong is expected to enhance the city's reputation as a military city and contribute to the local economy through increased tourism and job creation. The center is expected to provide visitors with a unique and memorable experience, promoting patriotism and a sense of security. With further development and the addition of military cultural assets, Gyeryong aims to become the leading military park in South Korea.


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